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    Provari errors using LR DC carto

    I just got a new PV about week ago from VB

    Im usinng 1.4ohm DC carto. I cant go above about 3.2v before getting errors

    Ive had the E1, E2 and E8 errors coming up.

    Im worried i actually received a V1 PV and not a V2PV.

    Ive tried a different carto this time showing 1.5 ohm and having similar problems

    Whats the max voltage this carto should work on the v2 provari?


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    Can you adjust voltage to 2.9? this will tell you which version you have. I run dc smoktek 1.5ohm up to 4.8 volts myself on a v2, previously before my vari was upgraded it was only capable of around 4.2. Could be a battery issue or dirty threads/spring or a faulty unit.

    Edit just noticed you said 3.2 volts you have a v2.

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    Just to clarify here. You have received a v2 ProVari as I have already replied to a direct question from you via email.

    I could not get my hands on a brand new v1 ProVari if I wanted to.

    v1 is gone it does not exist anymore and as Azza mentioned above a v1 would not be able to get to 3.2v.


    E1 is signalling a shorted cartomiser/atomiser
    E2 error code suggests current limit exceeded as per the ProVari Manual available to all -->
    E8 will show after persistent E1 errors

    What voltage is the device set at now?
    What resistance reading is the ProVari giving with the cartomiser you have screwed on top of it? (Ao function on ProVari will give you a number, what is that number?)


    Have you tried another cartomiser?
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    Yep...Had the same problem when I first got my Provari. Thought it was an issue with the device itself as the carto's were all new. Turns out the boge carto's were dodgy as I haven't had a problem since.

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