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    Provari and dual coils

    Hey peeps!

    Really excited to get my provari! i am hitting refresh on tracking every hour to see where it is and if its getting closer hahaha.

    Just wondering how the provari goes on powering dual coil carto tanks?
    Will be placing a massive HC order and just wondering if its worth getting some DCT tanks or stick to the single coil carto tanks?



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    western suburbs brisbane represent!!!
    they seem to work good, i use the 3 holed version on my provari with all my tanks 6 foot 6 and a hundred tons, the undisputed king of the slums...

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    sure it would work fine, i find u need to up the voltage to get a similar vape however. Maybe like 4v or a bit higher
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    Get some DCT tanks but use Single coil Boges, your provari will thank you for it
    Or at least your batteries will.
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    with an expansion cap so you can use bigger batteries, a provari is great.



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