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    Trying my Vapinaze AC9

    I'm a newbie here, been vaping for 3 months, occasionally posting on e-cig whirlpool forum.

    My first e-cig I got was an extended provai using 2.4ohm vivi novas
    then went to a Liquinator tank using SR Boge Cartomisers

    I was looking for a genesis style rebuildable atomizer & thought I'd try the Vapinaze AC9
    as it looks good, good youtube reviews & reasonably priced.

    I got the vapinaze watched the z-atty setup youtube video & a couple others
    read the "My new method of building wick & coil for AGA-T gennesis atty" by Noe.

    First night -
    tried the z-atty way, no good , too many error one's
    then tried the drill bit way, nearly got it going but as soon as I filled it with juice the E-1's came back

    Second night -
    Thought I'd try the z-atty way with a bit of some from a different youtube video
    Got out a new prepped stainless steel mesh wick which I got with the vapinaze & dried it.
    Put a tooth pick through the middle hole of it, put it in the tank & wrapped the coil the z-atty way.
    Got 3 wraps at .9ohm using 28 AWG Kanthal Wire
    Could only get solid E-1's
    But by slowly dripping a few drops of juice on the coil, bumping the coil & short bursts of power till it went dry,
    I gradually got the E-1's out, probably did it a dozen times at 2.9V until I got a constant glow of the coils.
    Yes, when I could smell burning toothpick I pulled it out of the wick

    I'm enjoying the taste & vapour of the vapinaze at 2.9-3.3V, anything over this E-3 appears.
    I don't think I can put more wraps on the coil as the vapinaze centre shaft is not very long.
    My only problem being such a low resistance it is certainly chewing thru the batteries.

    Overall I'm quite impressed with it & don't think large clouds of 24mg nicotine is excessive.
    Now this should STOP my cravings & constant vaping !
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    sorry just realised your running 0.9 ohm thats pretty sweet.

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    Oh oh oh, 28. Mate. What I recommend for you as it's your first Gunesis atty, to go for 32 Kanthal with 3-4 coils and everything gonna go well
    As I remember you will have 30 gage Kanthal in the kit package . You use this and make 6-8 coils
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    Using 28G kanthal & the drill bit method, you should be able to get a 4.5 wrap coil on it without problem. That will give you a bit better battery life.

    Make the coil on the drill bit with the drill bit out of the atty, use a pair of pliers to grip the neg & pos ends of the coil at the same time. Now compress the coil on the drill bit & then pull on the wires with the pliers, this will help the coil stay in shape & make it shorter, release the pliers & see if it is the right size, if it isn't then repeat.
    It helps when winding the coil onto the drill bit to bring the wrap almost on top of the last wrap, the larger the gaps between coils the longer the wick ends up & the more you will need to repeat the above compression of the coil.

    Next check the coil all the way around, making sure there is no wraps touching another, then put the drill bit into the atty's wick hole & connect neg & pos. Your coil should come out at 1.1 - 1.2 ohms & will give you less error messages on a provari by having an ohm reading that is too low.

    Next you want to burn off the VG on the pre-made wick, that adds a carbon layer to the wick & makes it easier to fit into the atty without shorts or hotspots.

    I don't have an AC9 or a provari but genesis is genesis & works on the same principles as another genesis & well a provari is just a battery holder that likes to spit out error messages when you set up a genesis
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    yes like they guys said should be aiming for a higher ohm coil 1.5 at least on a provari
    that means 32 kanthal
    otherwise too many wraps more wraps= more risk or get a mechanical mod to start with its easier

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    Thanks for the reply's

    Third night -
    haven't had any errors since I got it wicking, it's still at .9ohm & using it at 3v
    It wasn't really that HARD getting .9ohm running on a provari, I definitely don't need a different mod.
    When it requires a new coil I'll try a 4 28 kanthal & also will try 30 kanthal.
    I will definitely try "burn off the VG on the pre-made wick, that adds a carbon layer to the wick & makes
    it easier to fit into the atty without shorts or hotspots."

    I know a few of aussievapers members have recently received their vapinaze from a vendor listed
    thru here, how are you finding it ? & what coils & settings have you made & preferred ?

    One stupid thing which is mentioned on some of the youtube reviews
    said that the vapinaze was designed for 28 kanthal.
    If this was so why include 30 kanthal with it ?

    Other than increasing the ohms & getting better battery life,
    what are the advantages/disadvantages of using thicker kanthal ?

    I'm enjoying the amount of vapor it produces compared to a vivi nova/cartomiser & don't want to decrease it,
    so is a extra wrap or/and thicker kanthal going to make the vapor same/better/worse or just change the ohms ?

    My only real problem with this setup is remembering to keep it vertical instead of me dripping juice over myself,
    my seat, the carpet.

    p.s. I think the 24mg nicotine I normally use in my vivi novas/cartomisers could be a LITTLE bit strong.
    I don't want to OD
    I read that most people halve the nicotine but I don't want nicotine withdrawals.
    Should I try 15-18mgs ?
    What do most people who like strong nicotine levels use in their genesis style rebuildables ?
    e.g comparable to 24mg say in a cartomiser tank type setup ?
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    2 week update -

    I've been using the same coil for 2 weeks now, have given it 1 dry burn which helped for a while
    Decided tonight time for a new coil
    4 wraps 28 kanthal 1.2ohms E-2 starts from 4.3v now
    Took a few E-1's & E-2's to get there but not too bad
    Wow .3 ohm more has given me an extra 1 volt to play with
    Have decided to stay on 4v
    Had forgotten how GOOD a new coil vapes

    The only problem I've found with the AC9 is that it drops some juice through the centre guts
    from under the central top screw nut, possible fix ( fiber washer ?)

    I'm just starting to get game to take it out onto the streets.

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