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    what is the best and closest alternative to dripping?

    hey guys!

    Yup been active a lot lately and trying to find that perfect vape.
    I have gone back to dripping since everything coming out now is just issue after issue. Went back to the dark ages and started dripping again. Its great! awesome flavor, TH and vapor, but a pain in the ass while driving!

    anyone know of a good alternative to dripping? That is just as satisfying?

    waiting for my next pay to go in so i can get a REO Grand or VV REO grand.

    Cheers for the input guys and girls


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    I had a similar thought a little while ago. Wanted the best vape I could get in an easy to use, all day package. I ended up first trying a Zen~ Sidewinder, but that was just too much effort etc. As I think I told you in another thread, the Reo Grand is great. Since I got it ~3 weeks ago, I haven't used anything else (apart from for 24 hours when I ran out of LR306 atties). It is built exceptionally tough, all the flavour, TH, vapour you would expect from dripping, easy to manage (you get the hang of squonking quickly, or atleast I did after my 3rd 'squonk') and long battery life and juice capacity in the Grand. You will love it, and if you don't there are a few people on here that would snap it up.

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    Just received the Killer 705 and I have great hopes that it will be as good if not better then dripping




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