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Thread: Help out the vapors of Europe

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    Help out the vapors of Europe

    Our fellow European vapors are potently going to have some very heavy handed regulation imposed on them

    If you would like to help them out check out the links below

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    And the AVF probable donation list is here
    New documentary on vaping needs your help
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    I'm going to be brutally honest here.

    I'm beginnning to get worried over the state of this campaign in Europe. It's all good intentioned, but I keep hearing the same rhetoric; "Dont ban ecigs, Dont ban ejuice, you'll send me back to smoking, help save lives".

    I like that people are expressing their stories into the camera, but I just hope that it all adds up to helping the ecig market get to where it needs to be.

    The campaign as a whole is going have to be much more specific in their approach.

    The EU is trying to incorperate ecigs and ejuices into the tobacco directive and the EU have no intention of leaving them out of it. It's going to happen whether they like it or not.

    When confronted with the whole "dont ban ecigs" rhetoric, the EU simply replies, "we're not banning them".

    And it's true. The EU is not banning ecigs. But they're going to regulate them out of existence, and Both Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, as well as the Prefill-Cigalike Ecig companies represented by TVECA, are lobbying hard to either have the ecigs regulated to hell, or have the leglislature lean towards giving themselves greater market share.

    A 4mg/mL threshold limit would see the market in the hands of Big Pharma. They wouldn't ban ejuices over 4mg/mL, but anything over 4mg/mL would be regulated as a pharmeceutical. A ban on ejuices and online sales would see the market in the hands of Big Tobacco and TVECA cigalike companies. It's like one big Mafia War on the international stage. And every dirty **** wants a piece of the Nicotine pie.

    Then you have these British libertarian extremist vapers that essentially want anarchy and no regulation. These guys scare me most, because instead of trying to work with the EU to properly regulate ecigs, with manufacturing standards, labelling, nicotine limits and packaging control, they simply continue to scream anti-government rhetoric. "Hands of my ecigs, Hands of my ejuice". I feel like telling them to just shut the **** up.

    So far, Clive Bates, Gerry Stimson and ECITA have had probably the best ideas about working with the EU to properly regulate ecigs.

    Read here, including the comments : Amending the Tobacco Products Directive – how to fix the harm reduction agenda The counterfactual



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