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Thread: The Dramatic Success Which Must Be Stopped

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    The Dramatic Success Which Must Be Stopped

    **** Puddlecote

    A great article showing the exponential rise of vaping in the US and the fact that this year, 1.5 BILLION fewer cigarettes will be smoked in the US due to vaping!

    Tobacco companies have a chuckle at Simple Simon's antics, but what really puts a chill in their spine is disruptive technology like this!
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    and thats why big tobacco companies are venturing into the ecig market now days. when it should be pharma looking into it more cause if vapeing becomes associated with big tobacco its gunna cause more controversy
    So far only about $1200 spent on vapeing

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    if it's a toss up between pharma or baccy mobs getting their hands on it, and the gummit have a say, it'll be the baccy mob, cos the gummit can then tax it all into oblivion
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    Indeed, tobacco revenue is more important to em. They should pick on the illegal analogue and Rollie vendors operations first.

    Where there's a will there's a way, anyhow. I'm not worried about a thing in regards to changing of laws on ecigs.

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    If baccy companies get the vaping market here then it will have bad connotations and probably taxed to hell (maybe less than analogues due to lower risk?), but on the other hand if pharmaceutical companies get the strong hold we will be regulated to a ridiculous level. Let's hope everyone just ignores the crackpots and sees the benefits of analogue use going down.



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