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Thread: American Cancer Society uses Children as Pawns in Cynical Political Game

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    American Cancer Society uses Children as Pawns in Cynical Political Game

    Article by Professor Micheal Siegel.

    Yesterday, I revealed that the American Cancer Society is actually opposed to legislation that would ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors, noting how odd this position is, as even the electronic cigarette industry supports such measures....

    ..the ACS is working to make sure that sales of e-cigarettes to minors remain a problem, giving it ammunition in its desire to essentially get rid of these products altogether.

    And why does the ACS oppose all e-cigarette use? Again, they tip their hand: "The use of these products by adults could have a serious negative impact on the social norms around smoking especially around children." Thus, the ACS opposition to e-cigarettes is ideological: they can't stand the idea of a behavior that looks like smoking, even if that behavior is helping to save thousands of lives.
    Read the full article here.

    When anti-smoking organisations go to great lengths to keep electronic cigarettes available to minors, even when they oppose the devices, you just have to step back and just say wow... what a bunch of cynical, sneaky, corrupt pieces of shit they are.
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    So their 'ideological stance' seems to be that smokers must stop smoking altogether, stop any kind of behaviour that even looks likes smoking, stop being pathetically weak, and start being more upstanding and proper, or in other words; start being more like them.

    We must all stop being addicted, because observing our addictive behaviour is like looking in a dark mirror that exposes their own weakness....their own addiction to perfection, to moralising, to intolerance, to hanging on so white-knuckedly tight to their self righteousness. Which masks a deep and abiding fear of chaos and loss of control, and explains the obliviousness to their complete lack of humanity.

    Fucking Nazis.
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    I'll just leave this here.

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