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Thread: Why FDA Regulations are Dangerous

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    Why FDA Regulations are Dangerous

    The Law directs the FDA to look at 3 Areas for any new tobacco product that claims to be "safer".

    • The Risk to the Individual User
    • The impact on Smoking cessation
    • The impact on Initiation

    So just because something is much safer for the indivudal user, if they think that a healthier product will make it less likely that people quit all together, then they will seek to ban the product. Or if they think people will start using the product because it is less risky than conventional cigarettes, they will seek to ban it. Basically, the FDA is by law, required to protect the cigarette and NRT industry from lost sales.

    "The safety of people currently smoking is not of primary concern".

    This is basically the "Dual-Use" and the "Gate-Way" arguments enshrined into law. It protects the cigarette and NRT companies, and punishes anyone who introduces new safer products.

    But ecigs dont contain tobacco products. Nicotine is as much a tobacco product as insulin is a Pork product.
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    Another case for Aubergine as the source for my preferred parasympathomimeticalkaloid, to further distance all things vaping from cigarettes/cigars/smoking/tobacco/other emotive words.

    *Potential only required at this stage.
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    Yeah, you can tell they don't give a crap. They're just waiting for us to die so they can have their tobacco and nicotine free utopia in the future.
    If they REALLY cared they would have nicotine detox clinics where they would give addicts tranqs and counselling while they withdrew from nicotine.
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