Wow! A well balanced fact based look at e-cigs from the environmental perspective.

"Pit e-cigs against traditional smokes and what I can tell you is that the traditional kind account for a hell of a lot more air pollution. They send out a puff of up to 4,000 chemicals with every drag, including carcinogenic formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, benzene and hydrogen cyanide.

E-cigarettes are essentially smokeless and donít emit the same air-polluting volatile organic compounds that traditional cigarettes do Ė even the organic kind. However, with e-ciggies youíre generally vapourizing a mix of liquid nicotine and propylene glycol, a petrochemical that can cause an allergic reaction.

Some brands are made with a vegetable glycerin base; these could be considered the greener of the two, since VG is essentially a by-product (aka waste product) of biodiesel manufacturing.

Testing by the U.S. FDA found that e-cigarettes do release trace tobacco-related carcinogenic nitrosamines. But critics say the FDA has failed to do similar testing on other government-approved nicotine products, including patches and gum; Swedish research has found that nicotine gum contains the same nitrosamines."

Click on the link for the full article. Are e-cigarettes better for the environment? // Ecoholic | NOW Magazine