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Thread: ecigarette-politics - The Tobacco Control Industry

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    ecigarette-politics - The Tobacco Control Industry

    Definitely one of the most interesting reads in a while

    The Tobacco Control Industry
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    There's another article connected to that one which is well worth a read: "Is nicotine addictive?"
    The paraphrased answer is: probably not, unless you consume it in tobacco via smoking.
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    Interesting read Tug
    Thanks for posting
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    Thanks for that Tug.

    It seems there are many layers to the motivations of those opposed to e-cigs.
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    My opinion is that its all about stalling.

    They're stalling the market via negative media just enough so that they can collect as much as possible from their current NRT products.

    They've probably already set the motions to completely phase out patches and gum.

    When that phasing out is complete, they'll move more strongly into the PV market. And meanwhile, they're trying to set the market up for maximum competition take out.

    That's what this picture is all about :

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    I think their plan will backfire without some Addition to Ejuice to make it as addictive as Cigarettes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bugzme View Post
    I think their plan will backfire without some Addition to Ejuice to make it as addictive as Cigarettes.

    Agreed, why invest in something with a diminishing customer base?, politicians are going to be turning themselves inside out on this one,,,,,good, lets make them squirm,,,
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