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Thread: Are E-lites any good?

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    Are E-lites any good?

    A very balanced article.

    E-cigarettes and the rise of the vapers: Can there really be smoke without fire? | Metro News

    While major electronic cigarette manufacturers NJOY and Nicolites have backed these plans, E-Lites’ Michael Ryan believes making it harder for smokers to buy e-cigarettes than tobacco cigarettes would be a ‘public health disaster’.

    He said: ‘The MHRA isn’t just in bed with the pharmaceutical industry it’s paid for by big pharma. These companies see e-cigarettes as the opposition because 1.3m UK smokers prefer e-cigarettes instead of the drug companies NHS funded patches.’

    As a result, he believes products are likely to have to change the way they function to fit a regulation system that will make them less attractive to smokers.
    E-lites is a company that exclusively sells 510 batteries and prefilled cartomizers, and only sell 3 flavours. Their starter kits are about $43 AUD (2xbatteries, 2 cartos, charger and case), and a pack of 5 refills costs about $33 AUD.

    These are very expensive for very little vape gear as many here would agree. I can hear Neofelis dismissively cursing at this right now. If these were the only kinds of products on the market, I think many of us would go straight back to smoking tobacco, which is why we've always been very skeptical of Big Tobacco's political tactics to try and have the middle range and mod range ecig markets eliminated via leglisation.

    However, unlike NJOY and Nicolites, E-lites did not welcome the news of MHRA plans to force medical licensing of electronic cigarettes. Also, unlike RJReynolds and Lorrilard BluCig, E-lites have rejected the notion that electronic cigarettes should be regulated as tobacco products which would restrict online sales and flavours. E-lites are a member of ECITA (UK ecig trade association), who are fighting for light touch regulation of ecigs, and maintaining nicotine liquids as general consumer products.

    A company that sells exclusively in the cigalike market that wants to keep ecigs and ejuice as GSPs would have to be pretty confident in their product. Not only do the cigalike makers/sellers have to compete with Big Tobacco's ecigs, but they have to compete with the two other major ecig submarkets. The article went into details about E-lite's revenues, and they appear to be going well.

    The cigalike market definitely has a potential customer base. When I was describing ecigs to a friend once, I could tell from his body language looking at my eGo 650 twist and stardust that he wasn't really that impressed, in fact a little turned off. When I told him about the 510s and prefilled cartos, I really got his attention. He even said "yeh, I'd definitely go for those cigarette lookalikes". Keep in mind my friend is a wealthy guy who doesn't really see price as a big factor. Some people don't care much for the price. And the tiniest bit of fiddling will turn them off vaping.

    I don't understand it myself. I've tried a few 510 models, and none of them ever supplied enough power for a decent and consistent vape. I've always seen them as introductory models, and for the socially self conscious. In any case, 510 ecigs shouldn't be written off just yet. If Big Tobacco showed the kind of confidence in their own products, and business ethics that E-lites have, they'd have my encouragement.
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    Should also note that I'm loving the fact that recent news articles have been using eGo batteries in their stock picture displays.

    Ironic for this article given that the prime company being promoted sells exclusively in the cigalike market, not the medium range ecig market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by
    Mr Ryan also pointed out that, according to the Royal College of Physicians, if every British smoker switched to e-cigarettes, five million lives would be saved.

    ‘To those who desire to see, there are scores of studies and meta studies in which academics have consistently debunked the fears over the safety and effectiveness of e-cigarettes.

    ‘Those who call for even more research are often researchers seeking another grant. The perpetual search for certainty is like not equipping ships with lifejackets until the risk of chafing is fully evaluated.’
    Ha, get them lifejackts NOW!
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    There is a huge market of cigalike users out there. Their eyes glaze over when you show them your gear, they look bored, look away, try everything to give you the silent message to shut up..while they fill their lungs with smoke.

    They just want something as easy as pulling a smoke out of a packet. Happy to switch if their MO doesn't have to change drastically. And if the performance isn't as good as it could be, well, that doesn't really matter because it is still a much healthier option, and they will put up with it if they really don't want to go back to smokes.

    How many smokers do you reckon there are who have bought one of those disposable jobbies from the tobacconist while getting their smokes. Imagine if a better class of cigalikes was available just as easily. And if those didn't cut it, then they would research a bit and end up with an ego.

    In a perfect world you would be able to buy cigalikes at a chemist for quitting smoking, as told to you by the Dr, and for everyone else (us) the market would stay the same as it is now i.e. still able to get what we get from overseas, and carry on being treated as hobbyists, far from the lobbyists.
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    i reckon if cigalikes with nic were freely available in aus, the market for them would be huge.
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