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Thread: Another good article from the Guardian

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    Another good article from the Guardian

    Some good stuff in the comments too.

    The tobacco lobby, the EU and how we are governed by corporatism – Telegraph Blogs
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    "one tobacco giant is strongly pushing for the adoption of stringent rules on e-cigarettes. Why? Because it happens to match those standards anyway, and sees the opportunity to place its rivals under a competitive disadvantage. Thus we see a familiar corporatist coalition taking shape: state-funded (and EU-funded) lobby groups line up alongside multi-national companies to restrict consumer choice."

    Gee, I wonder what tobacco company that would be.

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    .....e-cigarettes could be life-saving.

    Here, in short, is the market working as it should. Someone has come up with a product for which there is demand, and is offering a service where none existed before. That’s the process that lifted humanity from the diseased and precarious autarky of the Stone Age to the extraordinary wealth of our own era. But it fills our rulers with horror.
    I just wanna say that I freakin love this article. We need more promotion of Capitalism (and not corporatism) and how it solves society's problems. Capitalism is when small-medium businesses are set free to compete making an industry better. Think about Vapebar, Vapeking, VapingCobra, VapingMad, and Juicewhore and others if nicotine was allowed to be sold locally, even if just restricted to unflavoured nicotine in pharmacies. That's a recipe to solve this smoking epidemic.

    Here's a link to a live discussion that took place recently.

    Free Market Solutions in Health: Prohibition or Harm Reduction? | Institute of Economic Affairs

    Some public health campaigners consider good health to be irreconcilable with free market capitalism. They regard the pursuit of profit as a major cause of unhealthy consumption and view certain industries as ‘disease vectors’. Accordingly, they support political action which limits commercial speech and restricts product development.

    One consequence of this ‘neo-prohibitionist’ approach is that innovative products are banned under the precautionary principle. The sale of the two least hazardous recreational nicotine products - e-cigarettes and Swedish snus - cannot be sold in many countries despite growing evidence that they can play an important role in reducing smoking rates.

    Current proposals in Britain and the EU to regulate electronic cigarettes as medical products have highlighted the conflict between the neo-prohibitionists and the harm reductionists. Will such regulation do more harm than good? Does the Swedish model of tobacco control have more to offer than the Anglo-Saxon model? Or will safer nicotine products 're-normalise' smoking and undermine efforts to eradicate tobacco use?


    Mark Littlewood (Chair)

    Clive Bates - former director of Action on Smoking and Health <--- The man

    Christopher Snowdon - Director of Lifestyle Economics, IEA <--- Awesome writer

    Katherine Devlin - President of the Electronic Cigarette Trade Association
    <--- awesome awesome person.

    Rebecca Taylor - Liberal Democrat MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber <--- Awesome EU politician

    Dr Axel Klein - Editor of 'Drugs and Alcohol Today' <<-- dont know who is, but I assume is too, awesome.


    Would loved to have been there.

    Related material : Free Market Solutions in Health: The case of nicotine | Institute of Economic Affairs
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    I have been listening to Daniel Hannan for around two years he is very intelligent, well spoken and a great champion of freedom.
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    My favourite bit:

    I’ve observed before that, to the Eurocrat, ‘unregulated’ and ‘illegal’ are virtually synonymous. Brussels officials were scandalised at the idea that a new product was being sold without licence.
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