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    E-Cig Companies Not Helping People Stop Smoking

    Perhaps it would be better for you to click on their hypnosis link !

    E-Cig Companies Not Helping People Stop Smoking – Daily Gadgetry

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    There's a spelling error and they refer to vaping nicotine as smoking nicotine, other than that I think what theyre writing is pretty true. Most people I convert, and there have been a few, adamantly want to quit smoking. Some have mentioned moving from vaping to patches or the new spray - but they havent. One has a pg/vg mix to vape to see if its just the hand to mouth and exhaling of a mist thats her addiction - its not. The rest have slowly adjusted to the idea that vapings not so bad, they like all of us are concerned about the availability of nic in the future, understandably.....we're addicts that are used to our substance in a more refined form. We dont want to have to go back to smoking tobacco - dirty 'cut'



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