Another medical trougher .... from Texas this time .........

MD Anderson Center Smoking Cessation Experts Weigh In On Safety And Gateway Potential, Of E-Cigarettes

One of the comments ..... sounds like me !

Jon, you make me laugh for I am what you would call a “dual user”. For 43 years I was a singular user smoking 2-3 PAD. Then I found e cigs and 7 months later Swedish snus. Two and a half years ago I had my last drag on a cigarette, the product that delivers 99% of the health risks of using tobacco/nicotine. I use and have continued to use 4-5 portions of snus daily and occasionally my e cig. My health has seriously improved since I stopped smoking with the cough and wheezing disappearing almost immediately. However keep reading the bad science delivered by the Big Pharma subsidized “health” professionals and the overall health of the nation will suffer.

Incidentally, Swedish snus or even the Americanized SNUS is neither a spit or a suck tobacco. Your comment was a dead giveaway that he know little about the product.