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Thread: New trial of electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation

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    New trial of electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation

    This is another opinion on the Lancet study, but it's the first time I've seen anyone refer potential ecig users to a vaping forum.

    However, the reality was that despite that early preference, the e-cigs, all of which delivered small or no meaningful amounts of nicotine, did not provide an advantage for smoking cessation.
    The authors of this research paper acknowledged that the e-cig used in this trial was "first generation" and that its nicotine delivery was likely inadequate. There is evidence to suggest that the vast majority of electronic cigarettes that consumers purchase from convenience stores and gas stations are similar to the ones used in this trial, and deliver an inadequate dose to help people quit smoking. However, more sophisticated second and third generation electronic cigarettes have been on the market for some time, and there is preliminary evidence that these products, with improved batteries, buttons to activate the heating of the coil pre-puff, and ability to control voltage and wattage, may provide improved nicotine delivery. Until we have more scientific research on electronic cigarettes I would recommend that those considering using them should go to a website frequented by experienced e-cig users to learn more about the options ( ), rather than just purchasing the cheapest e-cig from their local convenience store.

    "New trial of electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation": Smoking Cessation Community - Support Group
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    I'll chuck this one in here as well ...............................

    E-Cigarettes as Good as Nicotine Patches: Study

    Peter Hajek, an anti-smoking expert at Queen Mary University of London, called it a "pioneering" study and said health officials should seriously consider recommending e-cigarettes to smokers who want to quit or cut down.

    "E-cigarettes also have the potential to replace cigarettes as a consumer product, so their value is not just as a treatment," he said. Hajek authored an accompanying commentary in the Lancet. "That could stop the tobacco-related disease and death epidemic if everyone switches to a safer way of nicotine delivery," he said.

    E-Cigarettes as Good as Nicotine Patches: Study | NBC4 Washington

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    I love that people are directed to a forum and advised to find a better alternative to el cheapo crap cigalikes. that's definitely a step in the right direction.

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    he's got full my support for his studies
    good on him
    I stopped smocking 177 days ago thanks to e-cigs
    no longer buying cigarettes or tobacco products 'ATO may not like this' but
    I would't care less
    not going back to smocking
    since I started vape full on I reduced nicotine strength from 18 mg/ml to 14 mg/ml

    full support !

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