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    Anti-nicotine hiring policy extends beyond smokers

    TALLAHASSEE — Flagler County officials have a message for tobacco users looking to work for the county: We’re not hiring, ever.

    Beginning next month, all job applicants must pass a nicotine test.

    A failed test would automatically disqualify a candidate and prevent him or her from working for the county for one year. The move comes under the guise of reducing the cost of health insurance as it relates to tobacco use.

    “Vaping” does not contain the tar or carbon monoxide commonly found in cigarettes, and ironically, can even help smokers quit cigarettes.

    That fact, however, did little to dissuage the city of Duluth, Minn., from banning the e-cigs, and using them in Flagler could cost a qualified candidate a job under the county’s new zero-tolerance policy.

    It’s also unclear whether the use of nicotine gum or nicotine patches is acceptable under the new policy.

    Anti-nicotine hiring policy extends beyond smokers «

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    That's ridiculous.
    Do you know de way 👺



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