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Agree with this 100% spud. I used to lie through my teeth to Drs. I hardly ever get sick. And when I do, I know if I have to get to the Dr or not. I also know that going to the Dr with say a persistent sore throat or something, it would be hard to get taken seriously. They would ask "are you a smoker?" and answering in the affirmative would ensure they blame your health complaint on that and that alone! Answer no, they would actually treat you properly, and look for the cause, instead of blaming that evil smoking habit.

The best one I ever had was a Dr blame my migraines (had them for years) on smoking. I said to him what about people who suffer migraines that don't smoke? What causes those? They wouldn't answer, just look at you with that smug, sanctimonious look on their face.

I have a real problem with so called health "professionals" who change the way they care for their patients depending on whether they smoke or not! Sure, smoking doesn't help, but don't change your care pattern based on that alone.

And you are right, unless you tell them, they just don't know.

Though now I can say I am a non smoker and it's true. Thanks vaping
Excellent point about blaming smoking instead of actually doing their job and investigating further. Its an easy out for a lazy Dr, and one they can use as an excuse if they get caught out. It disgusts me.