See, ecigs are now a product of the evil tobacco companies ..................

A group of House Democrats is calling on the Obama administration to issue new rules for cigars and electronic cigarettes.
In a letter to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Monday, the lawmakers asked regulators “to act quickly” with new rules for the products, over which the federal government currently has little oversight.

“Manufacturers of e-cigarettes are taking advantage of this regulatory loophole to target children.

Bringing the tobacco products under the agency’s jurisdiction could subject them to new fees and restrictions, which some tobacco companies have worried could unfairly single them out with overly restrictive rules.

Health organizations and some tobacco giants have backed the FDA’s efforts, arguing that new regulations would protect the public health and level the playing field for tobacco companies.

House Dems call for cigar, e-cigarette regulations over 'kid-friendly' products - The Hill's RegWatch