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Thread: "What would we know about cigarettes and health if they were as new as e-cigarettes?"

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    "What would we know about cigarettes and health if they were as new as e-cigarettes?"

    "Still, concluding that frequently inhaling a concentrated smoke is quite bad for you would not require an appeal to ignorance.

    This contrasts sharply with what we know about e-cigarettes or what we would know about smokeless tobacco if somehow it had recently appeared (and even more difficult scenario to imagine). In the real world, we know that the acute negative effects are trivial and have no affirmative reason to believe there is any substantial risk. Thus, anti-e-cigarette activism leaps immediately to an appeal to ignorance — “we do not know for sure…” — the logic of which is that we should never allow people to do anything that they have not already been doing for decades.

    As an aside, it is interesting extend this counterfactual analysis to analyze one of the many thought-free mantras of the tobacco control industry: “if cigarettes were invented today, they would be banned.” This actually seems quite unlikely to be true. If a rapid ban did happen in the hypothetical world, it would would not be because of the true risks, but rather would be driven by a Drug War mentality — the inclination to ban any drug people like because people should not be allowed to use drugs. After all, absent the tobacco control industry, who else other than the drug warriors would be calling for a ban?"

    What would we know about cigarettes and health if they were as new as e-cigarettes? | Anti-THR Lies and related topics
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    Pascal's Wager. We don't know so we should abstain.

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