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Thread: Harm Reduction Big Hitters Battle on BMJ turf

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    Harm Reduction Big Hitters Battle on BMJ turf

    Recently, Martin McKee, an anti-ecig ideologue, published an article in BMJ attacking ecigs and marketing tactics. It provoked responses from several big names in Public Health, both ecig opponents and proponents. Their twitter accounts have been blasting since the publication. You can read the official responses by clicking on the "read responses" tab.

    The latest response was a rejoinder by Gerry Stimson, David Dorn and Rick Lines.

    E-cigarettes and the marketing push that surprised everyone | BMJ

    I think they look fabulous in white.

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    strange how the aussie "experts" who commented are so negative by contrast to some of the more rational comments. They seem to see it as smokers bucking the system and getting away with something. Who the hell would take up smoking cigs these days with all the judgement and taxes that go with it? They just don't get it that this is the best chance for hard core addicted smokers (who are probably about the only ones left) to get out from under this addiction. I gave up smoking about 6 times and always relapsed again after 6 or more months because I think I just missed the habit and the feeling that something was always missing never went away. If ecigs were available back then I wouldn't have turned back to smoking cigs time and time again and ended up smoking another 15 or more years. It's scary to think that dumbasses like simon chapman are the ones that have influence with their opinion.
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