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Thread: Vapers win the battle, but not yet the war

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    Vapers win the battle, but not yet the war

    Vapers win the battle, but not yet the war | European Voice blogs

    So the vapers' celebration is premature. As often happens when the occasional high-profile vote comes to the European Parliament, national media have largely reported this as if it now becomes law. But this proposal must be approved by both the Parliament and the Council of Ministers, which is made up of the national governments. And national governments are intent on regulating e-cigarettes as medicines.

    The process works much like the US congress – the two institutions each draft their own versions of the legislation and these are then reconciled into one in conference, a process known in the EU as a ‘trilogue' because it involved the oversight of the Commission.

    The position adopted by the Parliament today is very similar to the position adopted by the Council in June, with one major exception: e-cigarettes. The two institutions have adopted polar opposite positions on this subject and it is likely to become the major fight during negotiations. And as we here in the Brussels press corps know well, in these kinds of fights it is almost always the Council who wins.

    The Eu vote could be struck down by the commission. This is not fear mongering, but rasing awareness to the fact that the negotiations between the Parliament and the Commission could possibly go bad. It's a long read, but a lot of important points to be aware of.
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    You know, it's really cool to see acknowledged the pro vaping folk who lobbied the pollies so effectively.
    Power to the people (if that's okay with everyone else!)
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    Yep, we can expect to see the evil empire strike back. But it will take time. I think Dave Dorn was saying ecigs are safe at least until 2016 no matter what, because any new laws would not be implemented til then. In that time I reckon another 10 million European smokers will have switched to vaping. So the next major push by the control freaks will be met by an even bigger tsunami of public outrage.

    It sure as hell ain't over, but we are gonna win in the end. Fact is, any bans or stupid restrictions will be impossible to enforce, Australia being a good example of that.

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    So for those vapers who are in this for the long haul, I would recommend getting in touch with UK health minister Jeremy Hunt. And don't forget to tell him the vapers will be watching how the UK votes in the forthcoming negotiations in Brussels. It is all too easy for national governments to get away with duplicity in their EU policy when nobody is watching what they do in the Council of Ministers.

    That. Seems the war won't go away for quite a while. Vested interests wouldn't be giving up so easily.
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