EU-politiker anklager tobakslobby: Lobbyer selv for medicinalindustrien - Politik - Netavisen


Corrupt or just naive? - "The tobacco industry has been incredibly aggressive in the way they try to influence us parliamentarians," said MEP Christel Schaldemose (S) in the News 7 October TV the feature looked like the usual media story of "tobacco industry lobbying" - this time to mitigate the effects of the EU Commission's tobacco directive, which the parliament will vote on 8 October. If adopted, the Directive will ban menthol & thin cigarettes, increase the size of package warnings, and prohibit the sale of snus and e-cigarettes with nicotine in the EU. "tobacco industry has written amendments which they have been members of parliament to submit and they have watered down the Commission's proposal, "said Christel Schaldemose in the feature . What Christel Schaldemose, however, forgot to tell is that she has participated in successful lobbying within the EU for tobacco directive rushed through on behalf of global pharmaceutical giants Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline and Johnson & Johnson. Two Danish Social Democrats strapped for pharmaceutical giants wagon These three giants are the real promoters of tobacco directive. Their interest is to get politicians like Christel Schaldemose to increase pressure on the EU's 150 million smokers and thereby gain more customers to their Nicorette products. pharmaceutical industry objective of the Directive is a European monopoly on smokeless nicotine, which they will achieve with the prohibition of snus and e-cigarettes with nicotine. These competing nicotine products are namely by eat into the Nicorette sales.

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