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Thread: Vapor Trail .... ecigs gain popularity and avoid regulation.

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    Vapor Trail .... ecigs gain popularity and avoid regulation.

    Great article from the Santa Fe Reporter, because the journo is a vaper.

    I was born and raised in Kentucky. So it’s hardly a newsflash that I started indulging in my home state’s No. 1 (legal) cash crop at the age of about 10. For most of the next 30 years, I smoked cigarettes – a lot of cigarettes. There were two cold-turkey kicks, one of which resulted in about a year of abstinence when I was in my mid-20s, and countless unsuccessful attempts at quitting with gum, lozenges, patches, Willy Wonka-style-dream-inducing pills and sundry combinations thereof that no doctor ever would’ve advised.

    A growing number of my friends have picked up e-cigarettes in recent years, with varying degrees of success in terms of sustained smoking cessation. I was dismissive and judgmental for a long time. But in the back of my mind, I knew trouble and mortality were lurking. Pushing 40, I was having trouble breathing. My energy level was low. My morning cough was no longer seasonal. And I struggled to see a way out, thinking myself too old a dog for any new tricks.

    But on an illogical whim in early June, I dropped a little more than a hundred bucks for a fancy e-cig and decided to give it a try. I haven’t smoked since, and I can breathe, taste, smell. My suspicion is that this has worked where so much else failed because e-cigarettes simulate so closely the experience of smoking. The tactile and oral fixations are sated. The act of puffing, inhaling, then exhaling a big, thick cloud is alarmingly realistic. Even the nicotine-junkie ritual now has a substitute: instead of tearing the plastic and foil off my pack of smokes, I refill the tank on my e-cigarette when the juice runs out.

    I interviewed 14 local vapers for this story. Overwhelmingly, their experience mirrors mine. They point to e-cigarettes’ success in getting them off the old paper-and-tobacco death sentences where things like nicotine gum and patches failed. They ranged in age from 25 to 53. All but one had heavy smoking habits that have now vanished for periods of months or longer in a wispy cloud of flavored vapor.

    Vapor Trail
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    Nice read Old Dog
    Thanks for posting
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    It's surprising how many people relate to that exact story. Well apart from living in Kentucky and quitting in June everything else is exactly the same for me.
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    Good article. Thanks for the link.
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