Seems as though Canada is having problems similar to ours, with their restrictions on nicotine .....

The Canadian Press is now faced with the embarrassing circumstance of having its own medical reporter publicly disagree
with the statement: “Health Canada has to obey the law.”
Helen Branswell doesn't seem to care. When presented with proof from the law, she disagrees with it (though how does
one 'disagree' with a fact?) – and not just in Twitter, but in her journalism all across the country. If Branswell thinks
something is illegal (even though it isn't, and fact-checking proves that it isn't), that's what the Canadian public will see.
That's what the Canadian Press will report. If this is a new standard, it stinks.
This sort of journalism is not just dangerous or dumb, though it's both of those – it's defamatory. Only Canadian ecigarette
entrepreneurs know for certain what damage this article will have on their businesses. They have yet to file a
lawsuit against the Canadian Press, Branswell or the numerous news agencies that published the article – but that may
change soon.
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