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Thread: Quit Tales Collective !

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    With all the scare campaigns from government departments and other "health" bodies recently with regard to ecigs, I wanted to share a very recent personal experience related to my quitting to provide a minor example of the damage the attitude these parties are taking has done. I figured this was the best thread for it.

    Yesterday, I had 3 teeth removed (to add to the 3 others already gone) and I now have a partial denture as the ones extracted were front teeth. The last 24 hours have been interesting - learning how to speak without whistling words with "s" in them; learning how to eat differently and learning how to take care of my new lifelong companion.

    At least now I'll be able to smile properly again (something I'll need to re-learn).

    A couple of years ago, my dentist advised gum surgery - she was confident the teeth could be saved. However, she told me the gum surgery may not work if I continued smoking. At that point I was burning through the equivalent of around $200 worth of tobacco a week at today's prices.

    I didn't even think about it - I just resigned myself to the fact I would lose the teeth; such is the insanity of addiction.

    At that point, I had heard of ecigs; but also all the scare stories. It was a confusing world of information and misinformation. Ecigs just disappeared off my radar for a while.

    In July 2012, I made the switch to vaping after finally getting the *right* information - but it was too late by then for gum surgery to be of any use for some of my teeth.

    That's fine, I accepted that; the other health benefits I've experienced have been fantastic; including relating to some other dental issues. I may keep what I have left a little longer.

    Losing a few teeth and having to get dentures is one thing, cancer is quite another.

    While smoking, I had also accepted the fact I would likely never reach a ripe old age and death would probably be gruesome.

    The message the graphic quit ads had for me was not "stop smoking or you'll suffer a horrible death"; it was merely "you are going to die a horrible death". The "approved" NRT's did not work for me - and I wound up dual using nicotine gum and cigarettes. It took a year for me to ditch the gum while I padded out Big Pharma's pockets a little more.

    The future looked bleak.

    However, vaping made quitting cigarettes pretty much painless. I didn't think it was possible.

    My outlook for the future is far more positive now based on my vastly improved physical state. I may still pay the ultimate price for my decades of smoking, but my quality of life now is just so much better.

    While I had accepted an early demise, I didn't realise how unwell I already was until I made the switch to vaping.

    I wonder how many people will be picking up a tobacco cigarette today that will be the final trigger for cancer or myriad other life-threatening ailments to appear - and all because they've been scared off from ecigs or issues of availability have discouraged them.

    The ignorance and misinformation about vaping being peddled as fact makes me sick - and it's literally making thousands, perhaps millions of others sick too, and worse.
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    * Who is using e-cigs/PV's?

    I am a 60 year old female. I am a retired nurse and smoked 30-40 cigarettes a day for 41 years.
    I was diagnosed with severe emphysema 2 years ago. I knew I had to give up smoking as I was coughing all the time and got out of breath very quickly.
    I also have a heart condition requiring monitoring and medication.
    I also suffer from spinal degeneration at 3 levels which is very painful and debilitating
    A 62 year old nurse friend of mine had just died from emphysema so I was really scared I was going to die soon as well.
    My daughter told me lots of people in London were using electronic cigarettes and not smoking.
    I did some google research and found a wealth of information on PV's (personal vapourisers) and found this forum (AVF)
    I gave up smoking almost as soon as I started vaping. (25 months ago)

    * Why are you using these devices?

    I am vaping in an effort to prolong my life expectancy.
    I enjoyed smoking and felt it relieved a lot of stress and helped with pain relief but I knew it was killing me slowly. I had attempted to quit smoking several times but it never worked.
    Since I started vaping I now breathe better and dont need ventolin anymore. I have lost my smokers cough. I have more energy and can walk up hills again.
    When I found Dr Farsalinos ( Greek cardiologist) had done testing which proved vaping did not affect the heart I was really excited and relieved. I follow all his research closely.
    Giving up smoking using ecigarettes was so easy I couldn't believe my luck finding these life saving electronic cigarettes.
    My sense of smell and taste have returned and I am glad I am not polluting the air with smoke anymore.
    My family are so relieved that I gave up smoking and are happy with me vaping
    I enjoy vaping and especially like fruit and sweet flavoured nicotine juice.

    * What other methods have you used in the past

    I tried cold turkey a few times. I tried nicorette gum, lozenges and patches and they never worked and made me feel terrible. I tried the nicorette inhalator which was totally useless. I only gave up smoking for a week or so using these methods and had terrible withdrawal sypmtoms and always went back to smoking.
    I did a lot of research on Champix as I was going to try that too. But when I saw all the suicide reports from some people using this drug I was too frightened to touch it.

    * What else would you like any health or government authority to know

    If any organisation or government bans the use of ecigs it will be an ETHICAL CRIME as it will force ex smokers (now vapers) to return to smoking.
    This I see would be a death sentence. For me anyway.
    Please health and government officials, be aware of vaping and all the positive medical studies that are now being done which prove vaping is an excellent way in reducing harm and has the potential to save millions of lives worldwide

    Thankyou for taking the time to read this
    Margaret ( from Lindisfarne Tasmania)

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    I am a 42 year old male, started smoking at 14.

    About 10 years ago I switched from an office job to working in the building industry for myself, (back in an office now) and found I was smoking more than a pack (25's) a day. I would buy a pack in the morning, and have to buy another on the drive home as I could light up at any time during the day. I switched to rollies to make it less easy to light up, but still was going through about 1 1/2 pouches a week.

    Over the last couple of years, I noticed I was wheezing quite badly at night in bed, and had to constantly clear my throat. Smoking made me feel awful, I needed to stop, but I still enjoyed it. Over the years I have tried:

    Patches - Useless.
    Gum - Even more useless.
    Hypnotherapy - Lit up as soon as I left the office.
    Cold turkey - Funnily enough lasted about 3 months but started up again.
    Champix - Seemed to work, but caused other health issues so stopped taking it.

    A friends husband had been vaping for about a year, and at a work social function I asked if I could have a go on his PV. I though it was OK, but didn't like the flavour (blueberry from memory), so didn't really look into it too seriously. About 6 months later a guy at my work started using a PV (he's since given up completely now), and I thought bugger it, I'll give it a go and the next day went to see Peter at Ecigs SA and bought my first kit.

    That morning I had the last cigarette I think I will ever have again. I cannot believe it would be as easy as it was. Within days I noticed my breathing had improved dramatically.

    I honestly believe that vaping will extend my life by many years.

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    Remember when the only trolls you had to deal with were under a bridge, and trying to eat your goats?

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    One of the insights I'm gaining from this thread is that smokers who quit and take up vaping report an (almost) immediate improvement in health, particularly pulmonary health. That includes me.

    I've been vaping now for almost 15 months, but just before quitting I was diagnosed with very mild, background COPD* as a 'differential diagnosis' when I underwent all the usual tests during a nasty episode of pneumonia (chestXr, blood tests etc). TBH, I wasn't even aware of it, but 15 months on, my pulmonary function has improved exponentially. I now cycle at least 6km a day and walk 4km a day without breathlessness or ill-effects — and I'm a 60yo!

    Yet, every article I've read on COPD states that it's an irreversible and progressive condition, with the caveat that smoking cessation will only slow the rate of progression in mild to moderate cases, not stop it. So how come I, and many others on this forum, appear to have experienced regression rather than progression of the condition?

    Clearly, there's a disconnect here between clinicians and quitters (especially those with very mild to mild COPD). Your thoughts/experiences?

    * Sometimes referred to as 'COAD'.
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    i'd been smoking for about 12yrs like a chimney. i like staying active in martial arts and training in general but i could never drop the fags. to me they went hand in hand with a beer and a night on the town. the majority of my friends all smoked as well. tried patches - didn't work, tried gum - didn't work.
    one day a workmate brings in this cigalike. i give it a go and cough up and curse him at the same time. didnt bother to try another ecig until years down the track i saw a guy with some mod, vapin away in the pokies room. i asked him about it and he said to give it another go. im a sucker for gadgets and this mod looked damn cool. anyhoo decided to give it a go. its been a month now and i've had maybe 5 analogs in that period.
    but now im at the point where i really cant suck on them cancer sticks no more.

    so now im juz enjoy the vape - added bonus, about 5 of my mates are all trying it now too. needless to say i feel way better at the gym or even walking up a flight of stairs!

    oh forgot to mention, gota thank you guys for all this knowledge ive learnt on these forums!

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    Upper North Shore, SYD, NSW.
    Male, 44. Started smoking at 14. Took it up properly at 16 as my co-workers were chain smokers.

    Chesterfield, JPS, Rothmans, Kent (but only on a BIG night out when there was nothing else left in the cigarette vending machine), Gauloises, Gitanes Bruns, unfiltered Camels, Sobranie, Gudang Garam, Davidoff Magnum, Hongtashan, Little Panda, Double Happy, Zhonghua - you name it, I smoked it. The feel of dragging on a Cartier was like a silk scarf sliding down one's throat. The dense, stinky smoke of a Sobranie's Georgian tobacco was heaven. The pungent clouds of smoke and sweet sticky lips from a Gudang Garam were pleasing sensations. Just like that crazy bastard, Kyril, in 'Triple X', I thought I would want to smoke even when I was dead. I loved smoking!

    I had quit cold turkey successfully, but fell off the wagon a few times. Patches worked, but mostly as an adjunct when I would have to go into conferences that lasted all day with no break. As soon as they were over, it was time for a smoke. Lozenges didn't really work as the delivery was too much over too long a period, and all I got was hiccups (excess nic).

    Cold turkey, while a powerful method of self-castigation, also punishes your nearest and dearest. Anger? Wow - most folks have a really quick temper over nothing while going through those first and most painful days. The dreadful sensation of being empty-headed and forgetful is not a nice experience, either. In some cases, and in my case, physical pain accompanies withdrawal: it hurts everywhere and not even powerful analgesics can relieve it.

    My first batt (iTaste VV/VW V3) and juices arrived last week. I had three 1mg smokes left when I arrived home to the new delivery. I had been ramping down my need for nic so that the transition could be easier. I powered up my new device and tried some 24 mg juice. It had nic, but the flavour wasn't so good. At least it stopped me from being angry and getting 'The Dumb' (that horrible sensation of being an air-head and having poor memory when you go cold turkey).

    Those three smokes are in my vehicle. I thought I would like to try one today. I tried it. It was horrible: poor flavour, bad throat hit and stuff all nic high. Stubbed it out, took a few vapes and it tasted like heaven: rich and dense smoke, good throat hit, lovely flavour.

    Over the past week, the flavour of the juice is better. Far better. It does taste like what it says on the label. I guess that my sense of taste is beginning to return.

    My work is physically demanding. Patches slide off owing to sweating from working hard and wearing protective clothing from neck to foot. Lozenges get crunched owing to gritting your teeth and keeping your mouth slammed shut so flying debris doesn't go into your cake-hole or shatter your teeth (worst case; has happened to some other contractors I know). Carbon monoxide in your system reduces your physical performance and work output, reducing profitability. Smokes, while tasty, are incompatible with how I earn a living and my hopes for a long life.

    It's only a week in and I can work harder and faster owing to more oxygen in my system. At the end of a client's project, I take a few good hard vapes, jump in the truck and go do it again - harder and faster than before. I guess that my capacity for this labour will increase more over the next six to twelve months as my lungs repair themselves.

    The pleasure of having many different flavours at your fingertips is excellent. I bought about a dozen different fruit, food and tobacco flavours in a variety of nicotine levels with my first order. It's nice to have a Mrlbro with my morning espresso. It's tasty to have vanilla or caramel after dinner. It's pleasing to have Gdng Grm as a late night vape. Mandarin after lunch. Pina Colada with a chardy after work. Gold and Silver with a brew after showering down from work. Arabic tobacco flavour with a Turkish coffee on Sunday morning. Hngtshn doing paperwork. Cherry or Berry Mix just for the heck of it. High nic, low nic, no nic. Mix'n'match!

    Costs? Say $20 for a pack of stinkies, on average, retail. Compare that to the cost of 2.5 - 3.5 ml of nic juice per day, including delivery expense, and amortizing a batt and clearo kit or a mech and batteries and atty. Savings! It's about one tenth of the cost, buying at best prices, without choosing elaborate original mechs, gennies and atties, etc. Even then, it is still substantially lower cost per annum.

    Vaping? Oh yes, it's rather tasty, and it's a great chance to improve one's longevity, compared to smoking cigarettes.

    Give it a shot.

    Cheers - The Gardener.
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    Veni. Vidi. Vape. *

    iTaste V3, Nemesis clone, Trident clone, Steam Turbine clone, Kraken clone, iClear16s; Dekang, Hangsen and Liqua e-juices... more to come... soon!.

    * With apologies to Julius Caesar.

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    been smoking for over 30 years. Mostly rollies. I quit for 3 months when I received a compound fracture of the femur in my early 20s specifically to minimise the risk of infection and potential leg loss. As soon as I was out of the woods I went back to smoking as normal.
    A couple of years ago I managed to cut my intake down to 3-7 per day but following a stressful time was back up to 12 - 15 a day.
    A friend turned me on to Vaping via very kindly lending me his e-Go twist starter kit and a few varieties of flavoured nic-juice. I had my own within 10 days and have been fag-free for over 3 weeks now.
    I found the switch amazingly easy, even though I still had a half pouch of 'baccy in my drawer - given away now.
    Initially I was thinking of the Aussie Blue Endurance cig-a-like kit with portable charger, but am very glad I went with the e-Go kit.
    My partner quit at the same time, sharing the borrowed kit and now sharing our kit. I've just ordered some extra batteries and another charger as well as some other bits & bobs and 0.25 litres of 36mg/ml nic juice so I can buy my flavours locally and experiment with different nic strengths.
    Before I was turned on to vaping, I really couldn't imagine ever giving up tobacco. For me it has been a life saver (or at least extender).
    Cheers -doc roob

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    So its been a long time.

    Anyways, I see this as an important thread given the "lack of population level data" around the efficacy of pv so I feel I should make my own contribution. It has been a while since I quit now so exact dates may be out a little (and who remembers their children's birthdays anyway ).

    I am now 36. I started smoking in year 9. Granted not enough to get seriously addicted, would go a week or two without, and even recall my first year of uni not smoking cigarettes at all.

    When I started working (construction industry) I took up smoking, initially about half a pack a day which grew into a pack a day habit over about 3 years. I can still recall the realisation I was a pack a day smoker when I was in my mid 20s. I upped my intake to 12mg thinking I would cut back by upping the strength. Worked for a few weeks till I was having a pack a day of them too.

    I got married in 2002, I told my soon to be wife I would give away smoking after our wedding... Of course the night of the wedding while I was merrily drinking was not the right time, nor the honeymoon in Thailand where smokes were so cheap... So my attempt at cold turkey quitting lasted about the 9 hour flight from Sydney to Bangkok...

    I attempted to quit after other flights too, as this always it seemed presented an opportunity given it would take me some way into a period of cold turkey.

    I had my first child in 2003, this time I had promised my wife and myself I would give the smokes away when I had my first kid. This time I even tried nicotine patches. These were the daytime only jobbies. I reckon this episode actually took my habit up a few notches. I craved getting that patch on in the morning with headaches and all. By day 3, I was smoking with the patch on so discarded the patch thinking that could not be good...

    I had a second child in 2006. My wife wanted me to commit to quitting but, I didn't even think I had it in me by this time, neither the drive nor inclination after my previous attempts. There was much angst around this in our family given the cost and health consequences of this habit of mine and this went on for years.

    My third child was due around the middle of 2010. I got really serious this time and saw a doctor to assist in my latest attempt at quitting. The doctor prescribed me champix. His advise was to make sure I took them and everything else would be fine... To be fair his advice rang true for me. While I was on this gear I would start a smoke, get about a third of the way through it and put it out. It really does do something to your head that prevents getting any fulfilment at all from a smoke (for me anyway). The trouble was I enjoyed smoking and particularly while I am under pressure I felt as though I needed them. As weak as this sounds I conscientiously stopped taking the champix knowing I had a busy week ahead so I could get smoking again in a day or two. Sure enough about 18 hours after taking my last champix I was back on the smokes... That all probably sounds as weak as piss but here comes the good news story, and I guess reflecting on it now; if someone as weak as me can give smokes away with a PV, most people can.

    So I started using a Riva 510 early in 2011. I cut back using analogues to a few a day, usually while outside where dripping liquid into a cartridge was too fiddly and with often dirty hands lighting up a smoke made more sense. About three months later I converted to a provari with a tank. I am on my second provari now. I wish I could say I have not smoked at all since. While I cannot claim that, I could count on one hand the number of packs I would have had in the last two and a half years. Generally I have smoked in places where pv's are illegal like Indonesia or when I have had an equipment failure (usually human error particularly not having enough charge). Even with these few instances of smoking my wife is very happy, and I am healthier both in the hip pocket and in the literal sense.

    The only lasting issue that I know of that I have from smoking is a bit of gum disease. Adding to what Icarus said above, if you are a smoker you need to be extra vigilant in your dental hygiene. Flossing is not optional for smokers! I wasn't vigilant enough and will now over time pay the price.

    Anyway what scares me while typing this, is knowing what happens to me when I cannot use my pv. If pv's are made illegal or too difficult, then I will be back on the analogues. I have enough first hand examples of what I do when faced with a no PV situation. I just hope common sense prevails around pv's and Australia embraces them.
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    Reading these I just thought an update was in order. I'm now up to 15 weeks and I haven't even thought about having a cigarette for a couple of months, they're not on my radar. Something that Icarus said triggered something for me. I may well have done the damage already and may well still die of a smoking related disease. My mother quit when she was 50, when she was 76 she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, the bad stage that is inoperable. But she had 26 years of fine healthy living before that happened so I know that I may have made little difference to the end result......but I have made a huge difference to the journey to get to that end result. Incidentally, they gave my mother 6 months.....that was in 2002 and physically she's still going strong and cancer free......but that's another story for another thread.

    Like a few others in here, I loved smoking......I knew it was bad for me but I loved it. Add to that I have an addictive nature and I'm definitely a creature of habit, which is why I found it so difficult to quit. I look at it now (and even then to a degree) and struggle to fathom how for 39 years I constantly did something that although I enjoyed it immensely, I knew it was slowly killing me and yet I still did it. The thing that so many "tobacco control" people don't seem to realise is there is much, much more to smoking than nicotine addiction. The thing I always found even harder to kick than the nicotine addiction was the "hand to mouth" habit......vaping (for me at least) covers all the difficult bases and has made quitting easy.....yes easy. There seems to be some kind of feeling among the anti smoking lobby that we should suffer while we stop smoking. My answer to that is why.....I was already suffering as a smoker and now they want me to suffer as a non smoker......especially as there is an alternative that (for me at least) is virtually painless and probably less harmful than walking down a busy suburban street breathing the fumes.

    I can't thank the people on this forum enough for giving me the right information freely and happily (doesn't it make you feel good when a newbie turns up and quits). This is the one place I have found where there is always someone who understands the issues you need sorted.

    Thank you AVF....
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    I was a cigarette smoker for so much of my life, the beginnings are a bit hazy for me, so I have to use points of reference to get a good idea of my "age" at the time. I moved to California when I was 8, but before that one of my chores was to roll my grandpa's cigarettes every morning before he went to the fields (he was a farmer..and died of lung cancer at 63). I would slip a couple out, since he never knew exactly how many hand rolls he would get out of the pack of tobacco, and I'd go sit behind the shed or in the back of a bean truck and smoke when the coast was clear. While in California, I would save my allowance and told the shop owners that I was buying the cigarettes for my mom. Back in those days, that wasn't the big deal it is now, and carding someone for a back of cigarettes was almost unheard of. Sometimes I'd swipe one or two from my mom or stepdad. But my allowance was pretty skimpy, and the parents were pretty observant, so overall, my smoking was "hit and miss" during those years. While I'm sure she suspected sooner, when I was around 11 my mother caught me with a pack of cigarettes. She made me smoke a bunch, then eat a big meal, and after I vomited my guts out, she asked me "So, do you still want to smoke". I told her "Yes". She said "Fine, but you're buying your own and don't be hiding around. I don't want the house burned down." So it was about then that I started smoking about a 1/2 pack a day.

    Over the years, I became a pack and a half a day smoker. Or at least, that's roughly what I was smoking last month when I quit. I had gotten to the point that I would wheeze anytime I lay down, couldn't climb a hill or do much in the way of physical activity without totally losing my breath (and consequently, I gained a serious amount of weight in the past few years) and had a cough that could rattle windows. Even though asthma isn't a problem for me, I lived on Ventolin puffers. My husband, a very very good man, and a non smoker, was disgusted with my habit. I did try, for him, to quit a time or two, using patches, gum and nicotine mints, but I missed the hand to mouth action. I missed filling my lungs and expelling the smoke. I was a very unhappy person, and invariably, those attempts only lasted a few days. Then I was back to smoking. Back to coughing and wheezing and dying slowly. There was virtually no area of my life that my cigarette smoking didn't impact, and insanely enough (at least to my non smoking friends) I really had no desire to quit. I'm no dunce. I knew what it was doing to my body, but the very idea of not smoking again gave me the willies and caused my brain to go into "No I'm not listening to reason no matter what" mode.

    Then I got a shocking message from my mother on Facebook (she still lives in the US, so we converse there most of the time). She had smoked for 50+ years and quit completely when she started vaping. Almost more shocking, her partner, a 3 pack + a day smoker had quit the day after she did and started vaping as well. This is a man who had smoked in the room with his grandson, a severely handicapped baby with a shunt in his brain, and had attacked me like a rabid dog when I suggested that he not do so. I thought that man would defend his smoking until his dying breath. But that's his story, not mine. Still, I felt a need to mention it since that's part of the reason the vaping idea took hold in my brain. It really was a case of "If they can do it, so can I".

    Now I had tried an ecig back 5 years ago or so, and wasn't terribly impressed, but my mom assured me that the experience now wasn't the same as it was then. My next job was to find out about the legalities here in Australia. I knew I had read something about Queensland banning them, or banning something related to them, and I'm really not the law breaking type. Besides, if they weren't legal, I wouldn't have to quit. I'd have a swell excuse to keep right on smoking. Ah, but I found out that, even though the laws are insanely convoluted, I could indeed import nicotine juice and buy the equipment right here in Oz. Then I got worried. I thought "What if I like it and they suddenly ban the imports?" To be honest, I still worry about that, but I pushed on, bought the basic equipment and some premixed nicotine juice and gave it a try. I'd just bought a carton of cigarettes (generally a weeks worth for me) the day before I got my order of nic juice in. It took me 3 weeks to finish that carton, and I had to actually push myself to have a cigarette there at the end. I actually preferred vaping, and believe you me, no one was more surprised by that fact than I was! Smoking a cigarette is no longer appealing, and hasn't been since my first vape.

    I haven't had a cigarette in over a month now. I started out on high nicotine, and now I'm using medium levels. But even if I get to the point of needing no nicotine in my vapes, I want the option to still be there, because I feel strongly that it's necessary for others who are considering making the switch. I've met others like me who are vapers and have experienced some of the same health benefits, and have even convinced (by example and explanation of the process) a couple of coworkers that vaping is the saner option. I've lost 3 kilos so far (and over the holidays at that) because I can actually physically participate in life again. I have every intention of becoming politically active on this subject, because I simply can't let a government take my life away. My husband has happily agreed to become a non smoking supporter of vaping. I'm happier and healthier, and that's the bottom line. Isn't it? Well, it is for me.
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