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Thread: Quit Tales Collective !

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    A little story, if I may indulge you good folk?

    In January of this year I experienced an emergency admission to the local hospital. Nothing serious as it turned out (painful symptoms of gallstones). They nonetheless thought it wise to keep me in there 'under observation' for four days. At the end of day two my nicotine deprivation really kicked in (I had been vaping exclusively for 18 months prior to this). I was damned close to crawling up the walls for it, in honesty. Day three arrived and the nursing staff allowed me to take a little 'ten minute walk in the fresh air' around the hospital. The hospital is adjacent to a major shopping centre. The shopping centre hosts a Smokemart. No prizes for guessing where I headed. Safely out of the shopping centre, I lit up. Did it taste vile, rancid and horrible? Did it Hell! The first drag was sublime, totally sublime. Day four was characterised by me nipping out for a durrie at every opportunity. I savoured every drag of every fag.

    Day five arrived and I was discharged. Safely back home, my PVs were triggered back into action and the fags were discarded.

    I constantly live on a precipice.
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    Male 55.First ciggie when I was 14 and part time smoker whenever I could get them.
    Smoking full time since I was 22.Been on Blood pressure and Cholesterol tabs for about 20 years
    and told many times to give up smoking yeh yeh thats the first thing Doctors say..
    My Stepfather had a heart attack about 5 years ago and gave up the smokes scared the shit outta him.
    Mother suggested I get a checkup cause I was always out of breath and sleep apnea etc.
    Had a check up and discovered I had at some time had a heart attack and knew nothing about it(silent heart attack)
    So of course not knowing I was having one I took no action and killed 20% of heart muscle.

    About 3 years ago I heard about ecigs and bought a 510 kit the old cart with the fluffy filling.
    Hit and miss with those things and the old dekang juice.Updated to the 510 tanks but they were a total flop
    mostly dry burns.That lasted about 3 weeks and went back to ciggies (analogues as we called them back then).

    Bought an ego kit couple of years ago but all they had was the atty and carto setup (no fancy clearos and stuff back then)
    Was on and off and now diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and all the other health probs everyone thought surely that is enough to give up the smokes
    but no I am here for a good time not a long time and with that I can't have a good time with no money so having money was the motive for me to quit ciggies on the 11/12/13
    and vape full time.

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    I'm 32 year smoker, I started at the age of 13 and am now 45. About 3yrs ago my health took a turn with me getting pneumonia each year. So it was around this time that I thought I'd try to quit using the bloody cig-a-like cigarettes, but to no avail, I had also tried NRT numerous times without success. So it was about October 2013 that an anaesthetist at work put me onto the ego setup. Even though that was good I thought I could get a better setup which led me to this site. From that day on the filthy cigarettes have been history. This site and the people that make it what it is, has helped me so much in my NEW LIFE. Rock on and thank you AVF'ers.

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    I'm a 64-year-old female. As I work from home, I have always been able to smoke at my place of work. I was the sort of smoker who couldn't go out to check the letterbox without taking a few rollies with me. I had my first cigarette 50 years ago, and for the last 40 years hadn't gone a single day without smoking. I fully expected to be smoking on my deathbed.

    Although I may well have a nicotine addiction, I have always believed my real addiction is to the process of smoking. It's probably at least partly an oral gratification thing - I used to bite my fingernails too. If it were as simple as being addicted to nicotine, wouldn't conventional NRTs have a much higher success rate?

    I've always enjoyed smoking, so my desire to give up has never been high, though I did have a period where I would absent-mindedly roll a ciggie and smoke it while chewing Nicorette gum.

    I had vaguely heard of e-cigarettes over the past couple of years, but had discounted them because I hated the concept of a ridiculously expensive, disposable cigarette look-alike. Then I read an article in the press which led me to the aussievapers forum and personal vaporisers. After a little research I began to think that, for the first time ever, here was something that I would enjoy and, almost as a side effect, would enable me to switch from smoking to a far safer replacement activity.

    Once all my PV gear arrived, I decided to have a go at making that switch. I don't think I was very highly motivated; I was just planning on seeing how it went, and perhaps cutting down. But the switch was instantaneous. I still have tobacco in the house, but I've not been even remotely interested in smoking.

    It's now over six months since my last cigarette, and the switch to vaping has been totally painless.

    Limelight Freehand S/Custom Classic/StudioVape/PC Wood mods/VR Wood Mods/TMod/Reo/Floris Little Orca squonkers; Axiom hybrid; GP PAPS-X SS and Lux;PAPS Lux; GP Piccolo; Microstick; Gizmo; DRIFT M22; bOd Mecha
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    Although I have a spiel on the Andrew Wilkie thread I thought I would put this here. A story I wrote on my one year anniversary

    One year story

    Well here I am one year later. It's a bit weird because I don't really remember when I started to feel really good. It just happened. There were a couple of OMG moments when I realised that after a heavy day of exercise I wasn't incapacitated but the health improves quickly and just keeps getting better.

    For those that don't know my story I was a chronic 50-60 a day smoker. I liked smoking (a lot) and couldn't give up. I tried everything to no avail. It doesn't help when you have a partner that smoked as much as I did. We just enforced each others addiction. A friend showed us a 510 joye kit and after a lightbulb moment I knew we could switch to this.

    My biggest fear was the withdrawal from nicotine and this was just a more logical delivery system. How hard could it be. I never realised how many other things you withdraw from but in the couple of weeks while I was waiting for my nicotine liquid I cut down to 20 a day by alternating vaping and smoking. By the time the nicotine arrived I was ready and that was it. I suppose I went through withdrawal during that time but it was manageable.

    The year has had it's ups and downs. Times when nothing seemed to work but you bumble your way through it. Some of the random lessons.

    I learned how much back up is necessary from a practical perspective but mostly how much I needed for my own comfort level (a lot).

    I learned that this is just a nicotine delivery system for us and not a hobby. (Boredom does set in and a change of equipment can help)

    As an instantaneous shopper I learnt very early that stalking the postman is as stressful for them as it is for you. Plan ahead.

    As someone who has to be in control I will always mix my own Eliquid from concentrates. I need to know what the ingredients are and how they are mixed.

    Money is no object. When you smoked as much as we did you can't possibly spend as much on vaping as we did on cigarettes. Buy what you want not what you need as you are more likely to stick with what feels good. This can be cheap or expensive it just has to be reliable and have replaceable components.

    I found what worked early but in reading a lot of forum posts still managed to be influenced by other people's opinions and tried a lot of things that did not work for me. So the moral of the story is stick with what works.

    You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. If someone around you smokes and you want them to vape. Let it go. Your health and happiness is the best advertisement for the benefits of vaping. Everyone's journey is different and although you can share your experience and assist, ultimately they need to work it out themselves.

    I am still surprised by the government viewpoint of vaping but I ultimately believe this is too good to go away. Somehow it will be regulated and I will deal with it when it come. Happy to not pay tobacco tax.

    Enough of the ramble. A big thanks to the vendors and forum folk for the support during the past year and good luck to all those starting. The time flies and soon you will be posting your own major anniversary stories.

    I am now well past my 2 years anniversary but for now this will do
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    Smoking off an on for 22 years. Quit several times cold turkey. Lasted any time from 3 months to almost 3 years. Always started smoking again. The 'just quit' attitude is not right. Think I'd go through the hellish process of quitting that many times for the fun of it?

    Started searching for ecigs 3 or 4 years ago and only found expensive cigalikes, so I kept smoking.
    Almost bought a cigalike 2 months ago. Then I found aussievapers and went straight from 2nd generation to 3rd generation ecigs in just few weeks.
    Switching to vaping was very easy compared to my previous quit attempts. Still took a little effort and some education.
    Now on 10mg/1ml of nicotine and I see myself being able to reduce in the future.

    I feel great. Noticed all sorts of health improvements. Very happy.
    Learnt about good research into ecigs and not just the scaremongering crap that main stream media likes to produce.
    I can say for certain, I will never go back to smoking as long as I can fill my ecig with nicotine containing juice.
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    Doing my bit for the community.
    Ill keep it short as its all from memory .
    Age : 24
    Smoked cigarettes form 15 socially at first while you guessed it DRINKING anyways was full time by age 18 nearly a pack of Dunhil 12mg a day. Fast foward to quit cigarettes phase.
    Started vaping January 2011. I dual wielded for about 3 months (The dreaded quitting phase) after that i bought a packet of smokes knowing it would be my last its a token reminded to me ive given then up well in truely. That packet remained untouched untill me n my brother (20 smoker) came home after a few too many and he opened my token packet and had one.
    I didnt care as im smoke free for years. Heres to another 3

    Dates are memory based but id say at least ~1 month accuracy.
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    Female, 39 years old. I started really young smoking but I am not sure of the exact age. I still remember my very first cigarette, I didn't cough I just inhaled and felt the most amazing ooh... umm.. not sure how to explain it, like a big sigh of relief. I loved it. My best friend gave it to me and she'd stolen it from her mom, a silk cut, I remember that. I would smoke very occasionally then I remember when I was at senior school I would buy cigarettes (always the one to buy them as I was the one that was tallest and older looking) and I used to hide them in a bush on my way home, then pick them up the next day and sneak out at break time for a smoke. I probably didn't start smoking fully until I left home at 16 and cigarettes were more important than food, didn't matter if I couldn't afford to eat so long as I had enough money to buy cigarettes.

    My uncle was diagnosed with lung cancer when he was in his late 40s, I remember visiting him during his last days in hospital and seeing him helpless, spitting up bits of god knows what and still he wanted his park drive smokes. I would have been in my early 20s at this point and I thought to myself.... man that is no way to die, I can't do this to myself. So I quit, I had my own house with my now husband at this point and we were both smokers, he only smoked really because I did and he gave up pretty easily. I didn't last long cold turkey but when I did return to smoking it was only mostly as a social smoker. I never smoked inside my house, always smoked if I had a drink and couldn't face smoking first thing in the morning. I did really look forward to that 6pm smoke when I got in from work though. Standing out in the garden with my coffee and a relaxing smoke. I got pregnant at 26 and quit the day I realised I was. I still wanted to smoke but I knew that I wouldn't have one whilst pregnant. So that was actually pretty easy for me but I sure put on some weight!

    I didn't smoke again until several years later and it was on a night out of freedom, ALL my friends smoked and back then you could still smoke in the pub so it seemed natural to light up with everyone else over a drink. I didn't smoke all day though, I still more or less stayed a social smoker, just having one at gigs, nights out, several more at festivals but never ever at home.

    Then in 2008 I moved from England to Australia. Met a couple who smoked and liked a drink... to top it all the lady smoked menthols, omg I can resist a smoke but not a menthol. So I had some. It started there. Sitting outside in the sun on a Friday night with a beer.. it felt like I was on holiday, I always smoked on holiday! So every weekend I was smoking. Then my friend left her pack of menthols one weekend. On the Monday I felt pretty stressed, I didn't realise it at the time but it was the start of a nasty journey of anxiety and depression. I sat outside with a coffee and lit up, oh it was so good, I spent the rest of the day smoking and before I knew it I was spending money we couldn't afford on buying cigarettes. My husband can take or leave smoking, he will smoke with a few beers if everyone else is but if no-one does he doesn't think about it. So he was pretty mad with me when he found out I was buying cigarettes, told me to quit. So I just got more devious, I would buy petrol and only put $10 so that I could buy a packet of smokes. I would get my prescription from the chemist and get cashback, so I could buy smokes. Any way I could think of to get money so I could pay for them. I only ever smoked when no-one was home, frantically scrubbing my hands and teeth before anyone came home so I could try and disguise the smell.

    My in laws came to stay for 6 months, I nearly went out of my mind. I couldn't smoke when people were here so I used to stay in when everyone went out. I didn't want to go out if it meant I was missing the opportunity for a smoke. They must have thought me the most miserable unsociable person ever. Such was the strength of addiction.

    Then late last year my son was crying in bed one night, I asked him what was wrong and eventually he blurted out that he wanted me to stop smoking. I thought waiting until he had left the house, or was fast asleep so I could sneak out on to the deck to have one.. was keeping it away from him. It clearly wasn't and I felt terrible for making him worry. No kid should have to feel that way.

    The problem was, I really enjoyed smoking. Monday morning when the house was finally empty after a weekend, I'd set myself up out on the deck with a coffee, a book and a pack of smokes. Just relaxing, the only way I felt that I could. I tried the nicorette lozenges and they were just vile, I tried the new spray and I'm sure I've gained many extra wrinkles from all the screwing up of the face I did every time I tried it, horrible! I thought of taking champix to make me stop wanting a smoke but after reading some information I realised that it would be a bad idea for me, as I already take meds for anxiety and depression I couldn't risk any further damage to my mental health, fragile as it was.

    I knew the Christmas school holidays were soon going to be on me and that I wouldn't be able to smoke all day during the week. I happened to see some cig a likes at the tobacconist when I was buying my smokes, she let me try a sample one and I was really shocked when I exhaled vapor.. ooh! Hang on, I like that. It feels like I'm smoking. So I bought a disposable one to try. That same day I was just checking online to see if I could find the whole kit cheaper and I stumbled on this site. As luck would have it, there was someone here (thank you Timmah) selling a starter kit with all sorts of goodies and I took up the offer. Once my gear arrived I sat outside smoking and trying to set it all up. Well.. it didn't go as planned. I thought I'd have one toke and be in heaven not wanting another stinky again. But that wasn't the case for me, I didn't try hard enough, I got frustrated when I couldn't vape the juices I had and then had a few episodes of bad news and just fell into a black hole again.

    Anyway, roll onto January and I had volunteered to drive to the shop to get something, purely because I wanted to smoke. I was stood outside my car, terrified someone was going to see me 'smoking' and I thought to myself.. what the hell are you doing! I felt guilty. I decided then that was it, I wasn't going to have another cigarette. I came home and got my vape gear back out of the cupboard and cleaned it all, set it all up properly and tried again. THIS time it was right. This time I enjoyed it and I thought I'd just take it day by day.

    It's been 30 days since then and I haven't had another cigarette. I have a packet in a bag in my bedroom and I feel proud of myself that I know they are there but haven't succumbed to having one. I have some issues with negativity at home over it, but right now I'm just trying not to let that bother me. I am really enjoying vaping, I'm enjoying that I can taste things, I'm enjoying that I'm no longer snoring! and I'm enjoying that I no longer have that horrible chest rattling cough. I couldn't even laugh without coughing and now there's nothing. I feel so much healthier in such a short time. I do a physical job and usually I get breathless but not any more, I work faster and harder.. although getting paid hourly means that I am losing out I guess

    I seriously don't think I could have given up this time without my pv. Smoking was such a crutch for me, I was scared to let it go.

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    im a 21 y/o who has been smoking a pack a day maybe more since i was 14 hahaha sneaking bastard
    bout 4 months ago a friend of mine started vaping a ce4 i laughed at him called him names blah blah blah (i was a real jerk)
    till about a month later i ran out of ciggies while at his place i went to go buy more but he forced me to try his ego twist coffee flavored (yumm)
    so i did first hit and i was hooked the taste was unmatched no cough at the end of the hit
    i didnt even have to go outside in the cold his parents have been vapers longer than him
    that day he gave me the ego ce4 and i havent looked back
    best thing that ever happend to me ive now been smoke free for about 3 months and loving it
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    Have only been vapeing a couple of days now and still have not broken the cursed stinky. Am down to about 4 a day from a pack a day, reading these stories helps motivate me into saying goodbye to the bloody stinky's. Keep up the good work.
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