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Thread: Quit Tales Collective !

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    Pretty much same as intro post but heeeey it's short.

    Smoked for 28 years. Tried a Blu in 2014 and kinda liked it. Two years later spent $6.50 on an EVOD clone + $25 on 100ml juice.

    Almost six weeks later, we're about halfway through the juice and still smoke-free.

    I don't want Govt regulation, the bastards will just milk us!
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    My partner of 7 years and I were both relatively heavy smokers, me 30+ her 50 + per day, both of us since teens and now I'm nearing 50, when we met we decided we wanted to try to quit.
    I had heard of e-cigs in the late 90's from a customer in an unrelated industry selling via newspaper advert, seemed like a gimmick but it stuck in my mind.

    We both tried many things, I threw packs away cold turkey, I reduced, changed habits, noted times, banned myself from the house and car, noted quantities, I had considered other methods but first hand stories put me off; catastrophic failure using champix ( that story is scary ), patches ( you end up using with cigs anyway ) and hypnosis just put me off, I went to rollies, tried chop-chop, nothing was cheap, nothing worked.
    At all.
    For either of us.

    I spotted an advert for the Volt, I forget where, but it was 2011 and it had already had support and reviews from various quarters in psychology and personal testimonials so that was enough to think why not give it a go and we ordered a few to try.
    I actually still have my Volt, complete with led light-up red tip !
    It almost failed too, but not quite, it did reduce my smoking drastically, I then used it watching a movie or driving the car instead of cigs, I tolerated the lack of hit and enjoyed the gadgetry enough to keep going and keep looking.

    I soon discovered there was a lot more choice and expertise if you dig further and ask, I still have a very long email from a helpful owner of a well known Queensland business which answered all my noobish questions in such detail I was hooked on persisting until it worked.

    Long story short, we both quit, my partner and I were the typical coughing, phlegmy, spluttering, tired short-of-breath smokers.
    She still vapes, just a basic kangertech same as she has for years and I quit altogether for a year or so, but rather than be tempted by cigarettes again I just took up casual vaping again.

    I have a Kangertech e-Smart and more recently an eGo AIO which I love, we mix, and I rebuild, no issues to speak of in over 5 years.

    As much as I've been tempted to go down the mod track I've never personally justified the cost as I found what I settled on to be more than enough to keep off cigs.
    I'm not really any good with the hi-tech side despite decent electronics knowledge, but I do mix juice to suit myself and rebuild coils, it's fun easy and cheap.

    I can't speak highly enough of my experience and how it's helped us, if there's negative effects then we're not showing signs of any and I would rather be feeling super healthy like I do now and at least breathe smell and taste while I'm dying than to keep failing with cigarettes !

    ps. in fact we wen't slightly mad and quit meat, dairy and alcohol too while we were on a roll
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