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Thread: The Effects of Smoking Prohibition

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    NZ and Australia have some of the highest taxes and stigma vs smokers. They have far lower rates of smokers than Europe or USA so what they are doing is working. A lot of people quit cause they feel like mugs forking our endless money, increased taxes always sees a drop in smoking. If they legalized vaping they could put a a dent in the final 15%-16% who smoke in Australia.

    Yes taxes do create a black market but if I'm not mistaken the penalties for growing chop chop is pretty damn harsh up there with illegal drugs.
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    I was a smoker for nearly 50yrs and didn't give up by choice.... I stopped working so I could look after my sick husband so money's tight .. vaping is a sanity saver for me ..
    there was a time when if I had to choose between food for myself ..or a pack of cigs ..I'd choose the cigs .. if not for vaping, I'd be looking for cheap ( illegal) tobacco, my OH wants for nothing and never complains but I 'm often stressed and sometimes it's nice to 'luxuriate' in a cloud of vapour with a nice glass of ' chateau cardboard at the end of a long day

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    Quote Originally Posted by letrashman View Post
    People who buy 'black market tobacco' are just centrelink bludgers who can't afford their smoko and grog.

    I was working full time in a good paying job about 20 years ago when I 1st came across chop chop and I was young and naive, I was offered a full grocery bag of it for just $40 and I jumped at it.... WOW what a barain!!!! It was fairly wet and needed time to dry or get stored in the fridge but it tasted fine.

    I was in the middle of splitting it into snack size ziplock bags on the back patio when dad came home. I was so stoked with my purchase I couldn't wait to share my awesome news with him and couldn't contain myself long enough to let him change out of his blue uniform. Dad took one look and said "I don't want to know!" which was his standard reply if any of us broke the law.... it was at that minute I realised I had done wrong and never bought it again and apologised to dad and asked where I went wrong lol

    Grrr damn fun police!!! lol

    My point is you don't have to be piss poor to jump at a bargain when you find it and if it is something totally new to you it is easy to do the wrong thing unintentionally.

    Ignorance is not a legal defence but I know that given the spiel I got before I handed over my cash that I would have bought more had I have not been informed by one of the uniforms in my family home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tugboatofdeath View Post
    dunno about 'bludgers', but high taxation definitely targets lower-socio, its more of the tax the poor BS
    Trickle Down Economics - give the rich all the tax breaks so they can afford to hire more peasants Yeah, really works...

    It's not really hard to extract nicotine from tobacco apparently. If they ban nic altogether, it'll make a nice new cash cow for the backyard pharmacists - probably a lot easier, cheaper and safer than cooking up meth.

    I'm not fat, I just ate somebody who was.

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    Taxation does work i suppose, but so does chopping off hands for theft, depends what sort of society you want to live in. too many people take the 'we have to save them from themselves' mentality too far
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jorden View Post
    Letrashman you are an uninformed wanker.. Sorry but your comments have pissed me off
    jorden, the ignore button is designed with just such trolls in mind use it. i do 8)
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    Quit Victoria has been very busy and posted a report about the KPMG LLP report ( they don't agree with the report LOL )

    Analysis of KPMG LLP report on use of illicit tobacco in Australia
    Prepared by Quit Victoria,
    Cancer Council Victoria
    7 November 2013

    This document briefly describes the major findings of the report, and explains why the Cancer Council Victoria believes that KPMG LLP’s estimate of the size of the illicit tobacco market may be substantially higher than is warranted

    The total market for illicit tobacco in Australia is likely to be substantially smaller than the tobacco industry is suggesting
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