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Thread: Prepare for (heaps) more vapers

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    Prepare for (heaps) more vapers

    Still seems the big hit on smokers is still going ahead..

    Coalition is planning to keep Labor's planned slug on cigarettes in a hike that will see an increase to excise not just once, but four times over the next four years.
    Joe Hockey expected to take axe to most Labor tax initiatives - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    From previous reports, it appears the excise will be increased 60% over the four years. Apparently this translates to:

    adding $5.25 to the cost of a 20-pack of cigarettes and generating more than $5 billion for Treasury coffers
    ... some mismatch in figures in various reports, but the bottom line is - a shedload.

    I checked out the price of tobacco last week and if I were still smoking it would now be costing me over $200 a week!
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    Now if only they could kinda but not legalise meth, heroin and other drugs.. then tax the crap out of it under a public health and saftey guise... they will finally be able to provide adequate childcare, healthcare educuation and money to new enterprise and smaller business.. seems to me they are onto a good thing and should consider expanding...
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    Hey, you're the vapefox guy, how come you don't post anymore?

    I checked out the current cost of 25packs of tailors yesterday, $20!
    I've been smoking rollies since 2000 (when they were about $13 for 30g and last I bought them in August this year they were $26 for 30g)
    30g would last me a week, but I have no idea how people go through a $20 of tailors a day and don't already feel it in their budget.

    I have no idea how governments think it's a never ending stream of taxation income either. Need money, tax the smokers for free money.
    What was supposed to be a consumption tax to i)pay for extra health care required, ii) harm reduction, is now free money they rely on and hope that the magic money comes from the people to balance their budgets.
    Makes it all the more ridiculous when they are against vaping so much, makes it more like they are protecting an income source. Which of course we know is the truth.
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    The taxes collected from tobacco products were at a level that they more than covered the extra medicare expenses a long, long time ago. Now it's just consolidated revenue - the hunger that can never be satiated.

    If only they'd use some of that tax money to... oooh, say... fund R&D and independent testing of smoking alternatives (and perhaps even partially subsidise them - we already know smoking is more prevalent in lower income areas).
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    These things.

    I have some things.
    I vape them.

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    This tax is to cover the stuffed up mining tax that they missed out on and this is also a yearly tax.Usually alcohol tax goes up the same time so I'm still spewen even though now a non smoker

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    So if a packet of 20 cigs is going up 12.5% per year at $20 a packet that is roughly a price rise of $2.50 a year so in 4years a packet of 20 cigs will cost around $30,So glad i have taken up Diy Vaping.
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    In constant chain vaping....Because vaping nicotine makes your mind more active.....



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