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    Grape Flavour reacting with Boge Carto Material

    Whenever I use grape flavours with Boge Cartomizers, after a couple of days of use, I begin to get a really sour and awful taste.

    This has been specific to Grape flavours.

    This is the sixth time this has happened, all in Boge cartomisers, purchased from different vendors (slotted, hole punched, self punched - all different batches).

    It has happened with 5 different grape concentrates (, FlavourArt Concord, HealthCabin, Perfumers Aprentice grape juice, EcigModshop), as well as with Dekang grape premixed.

    Has happened in different carto-tanks - plastic, and glass

    I don't get this happening with any other flavour,

    Does not happen when I use grape in clearomizers.

    I believe the common component of grape flavouring may be reacting with something within the Boge cartomizer

    Main component of grape flavouring is methylanthranilate
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