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    sheesha water pipes

    Article on
    Fruit-flavoured tobacco 'sheesha' water pipes attract young non-smokers and just as bad for you |

    In the article they say
    "A Cancer Council Victoria review says water-pipe smoking, which is growing in popularity, can "undermine tobacco control, because it can be used as a replacement for cigarettes among quitters or serves as a gateway to cigarette initiation"."

    I'm unsure if they are alluding to E-Cigs or the tobacco water pipes. Some of the wording is similar to what's thrown around regarding E-Cigs.
    If I'm being paranoid please ignore me

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    No you're not paranoid, they are just robots parroting the same shite whatever the product is.

    I never understood why people think sheesa is better or healthier than cigarettes though? It's tobacco and you smoke it. Only difference is the baccy has flavourings added to it and the smoke travels through water before you inhale it.

    It may be less addictive because as far as I know it's not produced by BT and may not have all the additives to make it more addictive...just a guess though.



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