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Thread: Ignorance , a response to an e-cigarette article

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    Ignorance , a response to an e-cigarette article

    This was so funny I had to share. So much BS in such a short letter from an ignorant person.

    E-cigarettes aren’t a solution for those addicted to nicotine

    After reading the story about a new e-cigarette store in Napa, I was disappointed that your reporter uncritically repeated the propaganda that the e-cigarette industry (which is being taken over by the traditional tobacco industry) has been feeding the public (“E-cig entrepreneur hopes to blow away tobacco cigarettes,” Nov. 20).

    In fact, there is no evidence that e-cigarettes are any safer than the deadly, traditional tobacco products. E-cigarettes are not useful as a way to quit or cut down smoking. Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs known to man and e-cigarettes are another way of delivering this terrible drug to your body. E-cigarettes seem to me to be like washing your glass before drinking poison.

    Flavored e-cigarettes are a blatant attempt to market to children — adult smokers would not buy them. Napa County has regular, free, effective quit-smoking classes available to the public and I hope that anyone who wants to quit smoking will use this service and not switch to another form of this deadly drug.

    Jim Tennant / Napa
    In response to this article
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    Quote Originally Posted by lozza 82 View Post
    E-cigarettes arenít a solution for those addicted to nicotine

    This was so funny I had to share. So much BS in such a short letter from an ignorant person.
    the good thing is the follow up replies this kind of nonsense gets, so it doesn't get to propogate more and be repeated by other ignorant peeps who don't know any better or are just misinformed and miguided by the anti tobacco leftover arguments
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    I can not stand the 'think of the children' argument in anything... Ever

    If you are to lazy to educate and spend all you time blaming then don't give children lollies.

    I will drink my homemade redskin vodka & if I could vape it I will.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MissLee View Post
    I can not stand the 'think of the children' argument in anything... Ever
    Me either. It's basically handing over the responsibility of keeping your children safe to outside authorities. If people don't spend enough time with their kids, don't supervise them, and don't have close enough bonds to teach and guide them.....then don't blame the govt or some outside body when things go wrong.
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    the first link will not open for me
    ok got there via second link..
    Comments say it all really..

    especially this one by GnarlyCar
    Peculiar how a member of the Napa Valley Tobacco Control Board can't come up with legitimate research to back his claims that eCigs are harmful. He can't even find research close enough to spin and make it look to his favor, yet everyone who replies to the letter can provide all the research in the world to contradict everything he says. Further, if he thinks the eCigarette industry is being taken over by big tobacco, he's not doing his homework. The eCig industry is being taken over by the literally hundreds of little privately-owned shops selling real vaporizers, juice, and accessories instead of the garbage that big tobacco is trying to feed us. Go ahead and say what you want, but the longer you insist that vaporizers are harmful, the more ignorant you prove yourself, with every new study coming out to prove the contrary. Get all your buddies together and pool your pennies for a study to make eCigs look bad. You can't do it, otherwise big tobacco would have done it years ago.
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