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Thread: Wall Street Journal : the-incredible-and-unprecedented-chance-to-make-nicotine-safer

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    Wall Street Journal : the-incredible-and-unprecedented-chance-to-make-nicotine-safer

    "Last week Wells Fargo held its first E-Cigarette Forum in New York, and yesterday the bank’s analysts sent out a transcript of some of the panel discussions at the event, focusing on how the growing — and lightly-regulated — electronic-cigarette industry should be approached by regulators and health professionals."
    The ‘Incredible and Unprecedented’ Chance to Make Nicotine Safer - Corporate Intelligence - WSJ

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    Everybody should be truthful, and being truthful is not a matter of simply saying true things if those things are misleading. So to say there is no scientific proof of the long-term safety of e-cigarettes is a true but misleading statement. And there’s rather too much of that coming from the health establishment at the moment. We need to say things that are as informed and as balanced as we possibly can about what we know about these products, which is not nothing.
    Finally beginning to eat away at the bullcrap.
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    Good article, thanks for posting.

    Sadly the "is it safe" argument will be a thorn in the sides of vapers until e-cigs become therapeutic products, which no one wants.

    Champix and other smoking replacement products are certainly not safe, but because they're "therapeutic" no one in regulation circles poses that question. They just say "well they're safer than smoking".

    But who wants to buying their e-cigs in bubble packs, probably with some foul tasting flavour and a foot long pamphlet of advice. Sure I started vaping to give up smoking, but I use my e-cig as a recreational device. I don't want some wanker in big pharma telling me when and how to use it.
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