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Thread: Scotland Call for restrictions on sale of electronic cigarettes to children

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    Scotland Call for restrictions on sale of electronic cigarettes to children
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    quote from the article...
    "Electronic cigarettes will be licensed as a medicine in the UK from 2016 under new regulations to be introduced by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulation Agency, the body which regulates medicines in the UK."
    Gee, if this is true, why aren't all the uk vapers up in arms about this? I must be missing something.

    EDIT: "Britain is to regulate electronic cigarettes as non-prescription medicines from 2016 in an attempt to improve quality, though the country's drugs watchdog said they would still be sold in convenience stores." This from another article.
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    Its interesting, we are seeing the same demonisation tactics used against vaping, as has been used against tobacco cigs, but will it work?

    It starts with the "think of the chillun" stuff, as we are seeing so much of at the moment. These statements like "we need age restrictions on sales and marketing", because children might buy them, are easy targets, as no person, vaper, smoker or anyone else, will disagree that these products should be for adults only. Vapers are portrayed as the opposition to these restrictions, to give the impression that they want kids to be able to buy e-cigs and become addicted to nicotine, its a not so subtle way of demonisation based on nothing but a false impression.

    It worked with demonising smokers, as smokers are portrayed as not caring about their own kids, let alone anyone else's, even though the polar opposite is true.

    This is also just the first step to get these products banned altogether, which again is used as a way of demonising the vaper, because they will try to influence the public perception by portraying any opposition to outright bans, as an opposition to sensible restrictions to protect the children.

    As there is no real opposition to age restrictions on buying e-cigs, a straw man needs to be created to make it appear that vapers are opposing these sensible restrictions, and that is what articles like this are in the process of doing.

    We will also see sensible restrictions like age restrictions, packaged with the more draconian regulations, because this gives the impression that vapers who oppose the most draconian measures, also oppose the sensible ones.
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