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Thread: What's next for EU and E-cigs - Guest Post by Martin Callanan MEP

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    What's next for EU and E-cigs - Guest Post by Martin Callanan MEP

    MEP Martin Callanan, who along with Chris Davies, Rebecca Taylor, and Frédérique Ries, has been the strongest supporter of E-cigs in the European Parliament.

    He wrote a Guest post on the Save Ecigs website: TPD timeline, what happens next and what we vapers can do…guest post by Martin Callanan MEP. | Save e-cigs

    The Process described is a bit convoluted, so I've attempted to simplify graphically.

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    This, btw. This.

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    It frustrates me that what we vapers know, (if you vape too much or too high nic content, you end up with a headache and feeling a bit blah), is dismissed in favour of the views of those who have never vaped, and their over active, non-evidence based, imaginings. Its not like there is no research on this, just that it is ignored by those that want to make vaping into an emotive, "wont someone think of the chilluns", issue.

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    Brussels deal agrees that if three countries prohibit popular version of tobacco-free product, ban could extend across EU.



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