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Thread: Open Letter to the Director of Public Health Tasmania

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    Open Letter to the Director of Public Health Tasmania

    Attention Dr. Roscoe Taylor,
    Director of Public Health Tasmania

    Dear Dr. Taylor,

    I am in the possession of a publication from your office written by a Mr. Jim Galloway Pharmaceuticals Services Branch; letter # 30 and dated 29 April 2004 entitled:
    Changes To The Tasmanian Poisons List. There seems some sort of inconsistency from my understanding of this information as such pertaining to the declassification of Nicotine additives in products that help smokers quit smoking. I will attach the letter below for your convenience and in the meantime will quote from the paragraphs that I request clarification on.

    2. Nicotine replacement therapy- Scheduling from 1st May 2004
    Schedule 2
    NICOTINE for use as an aid in withdrawal from tobacco smoking:

    (a) in lozenges; or

    (b) in preparations for inhalation.

    Schedule 3
    NICOTINE for use as an aid in withdrawal from tobacco smoking in preparations for sublingual use.
    34 Davey Street, Hobart GPO Box 125 Hobart Tasmania 7001 Internet Department of Health and Human Services Page 1
    Schedule 4 amendment
    NICOTINE for use as an aid in withdrawal from tobacco smoking (including preparations for nasal administration) except:
    (a) when included in Schedule 2 or 3;

    (b) in chewing gum; or

    (c) in preparations for transdermal use.

    Background: The effect of these changes is to exempt nicotine chewing gum and preparations for transdermal use from scheduling. The committee received advice on this important public health matter from a wide range of industry, government, non-government health and professional organizations who have an interest in reducing harm from smoking. The committee was of the view that widening the availability of NRT products should encourage some smokers to quit smoking and therefore improve public health outcomes. Whilst it is not disputed that some people may not be successful in quitting smoking without behavioural or lifestyle intervention, it was also recognized there would be individuals who would succeed with the use of NRT alone.

    The paragraph 2(b) above is of primary importance to me as I have been a smoker for 45 years and in the last 5 years a very heavy smoker of 1 packet (40) 16 mg cigarettes per day.

    I have, on several occasions tried to quit smoking using various therapies including hypnotherapy and the NRT using pharmacy purchased Nicorette products and found them totally distasteful and in the case of patches had an allergic skin reaction.

    Last Christmas (2013) My partner purchased for me the e-cigarette kit, with the same sort of flavour as my regular cigarettes and with nicotine added from an overseas supplier via the internet. I commenced to use this product on Christmas day and to date have not touched a tobacco cigarette since. I have noticed a marvellous improvement in my general heath and well being even over this short period and in these few weeks since Christmas have dropped from using a fluid of 16mg strength to 6mg. I think you would think this is a marvellous achievement and furthermore I have had no adverse reactions as I have had with the Nicorette products. Furthermore, I also have the nicotine free juice in my possession, which I now use in a separate inhaler during the day and can go almost a whole day without the need to resort to a nicotine product.

    Now Doctor, as per your paragraph above, 2(b) Nicotine additives used in inhalers for the Nicorette brand atomisers carry the Schedule 2 classification
    which if I understand the legislation correctly can be openly sold by pharmacies and or supermarkets provided they carry the adequate warnings associated with nicotine usage and not be sold to persons under the age of eighteen years. I am delighted with this approach by the DHHS.

    What I am not so delighted about and I might add annoyed, is the fact that the DHHS will not recognise the beneficial qualities of the e-cigarette inhalers and their associated nicotine fluids all be it some already come with the appropriate ingredient listing and warnings and comply with the same prohibitions as are applicable to the sale of cigarettes at supermarkets and other retail outlets.

    Why is it Doctor, that we are permitted by law to import nicotine e-juices as they are known from overseas suppliers (in what is deemed as three month supplies, which equates to 150 mls on an average consumption of 10 mls a week for a heavy smoker) and I might add by the same token these inhalation devices and there is no guarantee that the overseas vendors are not selling these products to minors.

    Pray tell Doctor, is an overseas vendor going to demand a "proof of age" identity document and even if they did what is to prevent the under age purchaser from scanning a friends card and sending that or even lift his parents driving license. Please do not insult my intelligence by telling me that underage people do not obtain and use these devices. I have seen numerous school students in Tasmania whom I know personally as a school bus driver using these devices not only on the bus but in plain view of teachers and their reply being that as these devices contain no nicotine and emit no passive smoke they do not comply with any no smoking regulation be it school imposed or otherwise.

    Having said that Dr. Taylor, who is to say that their devices don't contain the nicotine e-juice, the teachers, parents etc., who is going to test them, who would bother?

    Now Doctor, with respect, if the sale of these devices was regulated the same way the sale of cigarettes are regulated including and especially including the sale of nicotine e- juice refills then all of this can be prevented.

    Global statistic show, Doctor, that to date, 74% of the global population have quit smoking and their dependance on nicotine through this marvellous invention without any known serious side effects. So much so that the UK will be introducing regulated sales in 2016.

    If Doctor, in your capacity as the Director of Public Heath for Tasmania you are serious in aiding people to stop smoking could you please see a way of legalising all that I have outlined above I am certain that the great majority of smokers in Tasmania would benefit from your department's sensibility and be eternally grateful.

    In closing Doctor, is a well believed consensus of opinion that the Federal and State legislators do not want to grant this legislation as their taxes and levy's on the sale of tobacco products would greatly diminish. Fine, then impose the same tax and levy on nicotine e-juice, and no levy on non nicotine e-juice with the exception of GST. I for one would have no objections if the nicotine e-juice was sold at pharmacies at the same price level as the Nicorette products and then perhaps with competition Nicorette would develop products that would compete and be more pleasant in taste.

    I have discussed this matter with my G.P. and it was his suggestion that I contact your department as he too is pleased with my cessation of the dependance of cigarettes and their carcinogenic properties and likewise the drastic reduction of my dependance on nicotine.

    Thanking you for your assistance in this matter and anticipated clarification


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    And? there are hundreds of letters to and from various agencies, gov organisations etc .. what is the point you're making that hasn't already/ or is being discussed , just go back thru' these threads ... it's a very good letter btw

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    Well written letter mate.

    I have written so many letters overs the years to public servants and never had a good reply, hope you do better

    My concern is giving them (THEM!) information on how to ruin things any more.
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    That's an almighty poke of a sleeping bear Triwuffus. I only hope it falls on deaf ears. Their ignorance is our strength imho.

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    I , for one, would not like to see e-cigs regulated as medicines, as they are going to do in the UK, and I don't want some government department deciding how much I am allowed to vape, what strength nic juice, etc.

    The problem we have in Australia is that we have very lazy politicians, rather than take the approach of writing new regulations to specifically cover electronic cigarettes, they will attempt to lump them in with either other pharma NRTs, (although ecigs are not a theraputic device, nor are they a smoking cessation aid, they are a recreational consumer product), or tobacco products, (although they are not a tobacco product). Either way will not be good for vapers unless there is an effort to apply soft touch regulation as a consumer recreational product. All of the hardware is already covered under existing consumer product regulations and safety standard, and most of the ingredients for eliquid are covered by existing labelling and food safety standards.

    What we don't need is some ANTZ politician to get a burr in their bum and go one some anti-ecig campaign, (with backing from the media, BT and BP).
    All opinions expressed by me, are my own, I do not represent, or speak for, anyone but myself.


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    Why would you put a measurement to what three months supply is? Some people vape 10mls a day, 150mls over three months is not a true representation of what happens.

    Also talking about how kids are vaping these devices is going to sound alarm bells, "oh my god, the children!!!"... Never seen a kid vape in my life to be honest, I've been vaping going on 5 years now.

    You didn't poke the bear, you gave it a soccer boot straight to the nuts mate, good luck with that.

    I vape 5ml a day at 18mg minimum, now if these dingbats start listening to people like you, and my importation rights get reduced to 150mls every three months, there are going to be ALOT of unhappy vapers out there.

    Just, stop and think... Maybe take the general consensus of the community into consideration before yapping away.

    End of semi-rant. Had to hold back, NOT HAPPY!

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    I have read in a few places that there's no way they can assign resources to controlling online sales ie customs if this kind of law gets implemented.

    Medicalisation is fkd imho, nobody medicalises alcohol or coffee

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    Erm... just how open is this letter?
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    Sixth Vape Year and Four Years Sans Durry.

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    What is the rationale for taxing nicotine like tobacco is taxed? It is not a destructive force like tobacco so no need for social engineering via enormous taxation (which does not work anyway). There will also be no burden on the health system like results from smoking either so there is no need for the tax burden. Right now there is an incentive to move from shitsticks to vaping cost wise so that particular incentive is taken away by unilateral taxation. Might want to rethink your approach a bit mate.
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    Beware! You are talking to an elitist panty hamster.

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    shit me its another caffiend.
    less than 3 months into vaping and already being a frickin letter writing fwit
    jeez go take a look around in the uk / eu / usa about what they are talking about before getting on a soapbox
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