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Thread: The vaping wino

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    The vaping wino

    Lols from Pineapple Puddlecote .....

    At 11am-ish, one was chugging on a Tennants Extra and the other a Bulmers, no surprise there. But while matey with the Tennants puffed away on a cigarette, his pal was clutching - and vaping - what looked like a Tornado V3 or something damn similar.

    Not even a cigalike. A bona fide refillable!

    There I am, about to watch a film starring one of the most glamorous people in the world, when I come across someone most would consider one of the least glamorous ... yet they are both united by their appreciation of vaping.

    I'm starting to get an inkling as to why these devices seem to upset the pharma-enthralled bansturbators so very much. Every time they see one - and sightings are becoming commonplace now - it's yet another smoker not toeing the line and quitting or replacing tobacco in the manner they've been told to. After all their years of structured droning, for tobacco controllers this must feel like being whacked over the head with a baseball bat while the world around them laughs in their face.
    The Wolf Of Wall Street And A Vaping Wino | **** Puddlecote

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    WB OD , hope the family wasnt too rough on ya
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    I see scared people.pineapplepineapplepineapplepineapple's in great form this morning !

    On Sunday, an article was published at Nicotine Science and Policy discussing why public health is so irrationally opposed to e-cigs.

    One suggestion, above all, encapsulates exactly what is happening.

    "[W]e think there is a bit of suspicion and jealousy because the e-cigarette movement did not emanate from medicine or public health, hence public health never felt it had “ownership” of the initiative."
    Ain't that the truth?

    If E-cigs had been developed by the pharmaceutical companies and promoted by their marketing department - also known as the tobacco control industry - do you seriously think we'd be seeing so much scaremongery from anti-smokers? Of course not.

    If they were a pharma product, tobacco controllers would have already been camped out at Westminster demanding they be available on the NHS; that doctors should be paid for recommending them like already happens with proven health risk Champix; and people like Martin McKee would be tweeting about how bloody marvellous they are.

    Unfortunately, e-cigs were not imagined by Big Pharma, but instead a pesky Chinese guy. And we know, don't we, how racist the tobacco control industry is when it comes to the Chinese.

    There are , therefore, reputations at stake. And tobacco control are shitting themselves, as this video (via Grandad) proves conclusively.

    Great video, I wouldn't want to argue with Clive ! LOL ...........

    I See Scared People | **** Puddlecote



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