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Thread: Smokers, vapers, you're all dogs now

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    Smokers, vapers, you're all dogs now

    Sometimes I think that Puddlecote and I are identical twins, separated at birth.

    Personally, I'd always assumed products were safe until conclusively proven otherwise in this modern huge state world we have to suffer - especially those regulated by 21 different EU directives - but it's clear that the recent BBC-led barrage of tobacco control industry misinformation has done its job, with e-cigs now considered evil and not fit for use in some public areas.

    I'm very surprised, though, that this kind of attitude has been so easy to cultivate in such a short space of time. You see, even tobacco smoking is only now - after decades of denormalisation - being treated as a pastime which kids should be prevented from seeing.

    For example, Chippenham Council recently installed a 'voluntary ban' on smoking in parks where children might see and also plans to bring it in for their High Street. We're way beyond the passive smoking excuse now, and beyond the looking glass into what smoking bans were always all about (hint: it's not health).
    Smokers, Vapers, You're All Dogs Now | **** Puddlecote

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    Thanks for that cousin

    Hate to say it but it is so far spread that even on the web some blokes name can't even be written without it being filtered in case we become corrupted .
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    Thanks Old Dog. I really enjoy reading Puddlecote over morning coffee.

    The mythical gateway theory - for which there is no evidence and which isn't worrisome anyway - has been swallowed hook line and sinker by the state.
    Exactly. They believe what they want to believe. How much longer can they sustain this bullshit with no evidence to back them up?
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