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Thread: E-cigarettes: helping smokers quit or glamorising a dangerous habit?

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    E-cigarettes: helping smokers quit or glamorising a dangerous habit?

    From the Guardian ..... of course.

    Smoking is cool again. At least, electronically. The electronic cigarette (e-cig, vapouriser, fake fag, digital cancer) is, if you believe the adverts and scare stories in the press, the new black.

    No longer happy with the adverse health effects of smoking analogue traditional cigarettes, a large swathe of smokers are hanging up their lighters and picking up little metal sticks loaded with a battery, a metal coil, propylene glycol, glycerine and nicotine.

    "In one year, its use has doubled," says Iain Quinn of "In 2012, there were around 500,000 vapers in the UK. Now there are 1.2 million."

    The ubiquity of the digital cigarette is undeniable. As a new convert to vaping a reference to the smoke-like vapour the unit emits when you suck on it, I seem to find them everywhere. People use them in offices, in bars, on public transport. And, although some quizzical looks are thrown when you puff out a cloud of smoke, faces calm once people realise you're not smoking an actual cigarette.

    Some excellent comments ..... vapers are very clued up these days.

    E-cigarettes: helping smokers quit or glamorising a dangerous habit? | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian Professional

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    My main issue with this article is that it's not really saying anything.

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    digital cancer?? where on earth did that come from???



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