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Thread: Brilliant article nicotine and health achs dr laugesen

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    Brilliant article nicotine and health achs dr laugesen

    Just found this while watching Dave Dorns latest vapourtrails TV

    Brilliant to take to a meeting with an MP ( havent read it all yet )

    Taken from this great link (70+ pages) ( note copyright page 3)
    Nicotine and Health

    Dr. Murray Laugesen public health medicine specialist QSO, MBChB, FNZCPHM, FRCS (Edin)

    Look where ecig users are on graph

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    So this shows reducing smoking (ie dual user) is actually reducing mortality risk
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    Hey margy, is it your conclusion that dual use from say 25+ smokes inhaled per day to
    9 smokes per day and ecig use would HALVE mortality risk?

    That what this chart looks like to me.
    Knowing what we have found (ie, ecigs = not want to smoke over time) we should champion dual use if that's what we need to get recalcitrant smokers onto ecigs.
    WOW, nice chart.
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    It's a nice sensible article. There's also a simplified version of this for public reading which someone posted on this forum recently.

    It's encouraging that they clearly state: "Extra mortality risk due to electronic cigarettes is estimated at near zero, as for nicotine gum."

    And "The first [regulatory] requirement is to ensure smokers can buy recreational inhaled nicotine, as it is far safer than smoked tobacco."

    I wish they'd elaborated on "Nicotine is the main cause of addiction to tobacco, but it does not act alone, aided by the habits and rituals of the act of smoking, and possibly by other substances in tobacco and smoke."

    I genuinely believe that the "other substances" are why a lot of people find it hard to give up smoking. Nicotine isn't the only smoking gun.
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