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Thread: Europe Is All Confused About What E-Cigs Actually Are

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    Europe Is All Confused About What E-Cigs Actually Are

    What a dog's breakfast ecig regulations are becoming in the EU ...

    It’s also perhaps an advance step to get ahead in the UK market, where e-cigs are set to be licensed as medicines by 2016 regardless of activity in the rest of Europe, and where the Advertising Standards Agency has plans to reconsider its rules for e-cigarette ads this year.

    But this stands in opposition with concurrent plans to regulate e-cigs like tobacco products, complete with cigarette-like age restrictions, health warnings on packaging, and a ban on flavours like menthol. Could we end up with a ridiculous scenario in which some e-cig brands—those with the forward thinking (and money) to get medical licenses early on—are treated as a separate entity to those that aren't yet licensed? One as a medicine, the other as a tobacco product? It's time we decided what this technology really is once and for all.
    Europe Is All Confused About What E-Cigs Actually Are | Motherboard
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    Nicoventures were applying for a medical license even though the EU ruled they don’t have to. That’s probably because being regulated along the same lines as nicotine gum and patches brings some key competitive advantages to being regulated like cigarettes: marketing and advertising.
    I'll get in trouble for posting here, but I can't help myself. I don't really mind the idea of some manufactures getting a pharma license and being able to market and advertise. One they will help promote vaping amongst the public and secondly they will give the non-medical vendors a great point of difference. I can already see my tagline - Vaphilia - Vaping Gear, not Medicine.

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    Typical Uk bunch of nimwits want to be different just like GBP and the Euro . Carved out many a tropical paradises geographically and decided to stay in cold wet england
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