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Thread: Your morning ecig news ;)

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    Your morning ecig news ;)

    Good Morning everyone

    here is some random "new" (rehashed but differnt place) news for your morning read

    E-cigarette sales soaring as 50,000 smokers make switch -

    "More than 50,000 smokers in Ireland are estimated to have switched to electronic cigarettes, with usage soaring in the last year."

    and just in from Winnipeg

    E-cigarette ignites debate, sales, in Winnipeg | CTV Winnipeg News

    and BigT's new grab

    RPT-Fitch: Altria Green Smoke Buy Highlights Industry e-Cig Interest | Reuters

    "RPT-Fitch: Altria Green Smoke Buy Highlights Industry e-Cig Interest"

    Not much real news here but something to read whilst you are waking up
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    Interesting Rhojin

    All the articles are still pushing the idea that because e-cigs are "unregulated" that this somehow makes them ineffective, and unsafe. Just so much BS, tobacco is regulated up the waazoo, is it safe? Pharma drugs are heavily regulated, and how many of those are found to be ineffective and unsafe? Regulating something just provides avenues for the government to tax, tax, tax, (gotta pay for all the people needed to police the regulations).

    No one has died as a result of using an e-cig, and the catch cry of "we don't know whats in them" is getting real old, as we definitely know whats in them. The "gateway" theory, is just more unproven, very unlikely garbage.

    Vaping is the road train that has run over the sleeping ANTZ, and they've woken up from their coma to realise that the road train is a few thousand kms down the road, and they're having to sprint to catch up.
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