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Thread: Democrats: Stop the war on vaping!

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    Democrats: Stop the war on vaping!

    An interesting development ....

    Let's get right to the point: Democrats are blowing it on vaping, aka e-cigarettes. There is as we speak a full-scale assault going on against what may be the best tobacco harm reduction tool ever invented. The war has been developing for a while and recently has kicked into high gear, and the most troubling thing is it's being perpetrated mostly by Democrats, against their own philosophies, goals, and political interests.

    The science is pouring in on this and if Democrats aren't careful, they will end up tagged as seriously malfeasant, and in the meantime they are hurting many of their own supporters, to the point of literally threatening their lives and health.

    As with much of what happens in politics these days, there is a corporate driver to this crusade against the people -- big pharma. Working through purchased politicians and funded public interest medical groups such as the American Heart Association and the American Lung Association, pharmaceutical companies stand to gain tremendously by fighting the adoption of vaping via legislation. Smoking cessation and nicotine-replacement drugs are big business -- they don't work very well, so they get plenty of bites at the apple for each continuing smoker.

    All together, this amounts to a gigantic political and ideological misstep on the part of the Democrats, and they are making a ton of enemies when they should be making constituents. Democrats have always been the party that supports harm reduction. It's not an exaggeration to say that this may be one of the greatest public health advancements in modern times, and Democrats are at huge risk of not only missing the boat, but sinking it.
    Daily Kos :: Democrats: Stop the war on vaping!

    From Wiki ...

    Daily Kos /ˈkoʊs/ is an American political blog that publishes news and opinions from a liberal point of view.[2][3][4][5] It functions as a discussion forum and group blog for a variety of netroots activists whose efforts are primarily directed toward influencing and strengthening the Democratic Party with a particular focus on progressive policies and candidates. Additionally, the site features a participatory political encyclopedia ("DKosopedia"), glossaries, and other content.

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    This is something that is so incredibly obvious that should be used to the maximum to shame them into action. Unfortunately the agenda is to kill us and steal our money. I feel like David!!
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    Just got through reading the comments.

    Only one Pharma shill (lakesuperior), and he copped a hammering.
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