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Thread: And the TPD dissolves into an incoherent fiasco

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    And the TPD dissolves into an incoherent fiasco

    Then cross reference to Article 12, which controls description on tobacco products – and is written to support the ban on flavours in tobacco products.

    Article 12

    Product presentation

    1. The labelling of a unit packet and any outside packaging and the tobacco product itself shall not include any element or feature that:

    (a) promotes a tobacco product or encourages its consumption by creating an erroneous impression about its characteristics, health effects, hazards or emissions; labels shall not include any information about nicotine, tar or carbon monoxide content;

    (b) [...]

    (c) refers to taste, smell, any flavourings or other additives or the absence thereof;

    Oh dear. As 12.1(c) is not exempted in the reference from 18.4(b)ii it looks like it will be illegal to add any ‘element or feature’ to e-cigarette or refill container packaging that refers to flavourings – even though flavourings will be permitted (unless banned by members states). But recital 13 establishes the following worthy and sensible aim:

    The greatest possible transparency of product information should be ensured for the general public…

    …but not to the point of saying what the flavour is? How will producers of flavoured electronic cigarettes and refill containers label their these products? How will users know what they are buying, storing and using…? How will vendors know which product is which at the point of sale and when in stock? Or does it amount to a de facto ban through chaos and confusion?
    Fiasco (updated): flavours allowed but flavour labelling to be banned (…no longer) « The counterfactual

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    EU has it's collective head up a dead bear's bum.
    Truly despairing load of shite there.
    I'll be invigorated tomorrow and re-read this
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    Where the bloody hell do you get facepalm gifs from?

    Ha found them. This deserves my first embedded image post ever!
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