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Thread: Vaping = Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR)....Or Not?

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    Vaping = Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR)....Or Not?

    Just reading a FB post and someone brought up the fact that Vaping is NOT TOBACCO and therefore the term THR - Tobacco Harm Reduction should not be used.

    What do you think?

    Should it be called something else and if so what?

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    It is harm reduction from tobacco products. Hence it makes sense
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    By eliminating the tobacco ... it certainly reduces the threat

    I think its apt , as in substituting vaping for tobacco , it is certainly harm reduction ( from continuing smoking ) however until all the facts are in on vaping , it cannot be said to be a "No Risk" alternative , but a demonstrably ( at this point in time ) safer alternative .

    Bearing that in mind , it is THR ... but one cannot say it is as safe as abstinence .
    If vaping helps you avoid ONE cigarette a day , then it is INDEED Tobacco Harm Reduction
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    To be more accurate it should be CHR (cigarette harm reduction), because we know of one tobacco product that provides a lot of harm reduction and has been proven beyond doubt ... snus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donna View Post
    Just reading a FB post and someone brought up the fact that Vaping is NOT TOBACCO and therefore the term THR - Tobacco Harm Reduction should not be used.
    I think this person doesnt understand the principle of harm reduction. it is about reducing harm from tobacco products and since smokers smoke for the nicotine etc, but dont actually enjoy the smoke part so it's a way of getting what we want (nicotine/habit) from ecigs without the harmful components.
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    People seriously need education about nicotine..
    As was mentioned in another thread 'mention nicotine the first thought is cigarettes'
    Guilt by association..
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