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Thread: Fox news some e-cig stuff positive

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    Fox news some e-cig stuff positive

    Fox News Why does government want to regulate e cigarettes - YouTube
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    just wow lol and it was on a Fox News broadcast
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    When Fox News is asking why you aren't sciencing hard enough, you really aren't sciencing hard enough.

    Edit for clarity's sake:
    I am referring to the anti-vaping proponents. They make a lot of arguments that are not based on science, or outdated pseudo-science.
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    There isn't just no evidence of passive vapour being harmful, there's actually evidence that it isn't harmful.

    The only reason why anti-smoking groups want indoor vaping banned is because they consider mere usage of ecigs a form of advertising, and it undermines their denormalisation plan. But they know that would never hold up, so they bring to the table this bullcrap fear mogering and uncertainty of safety.

    But the indoor vaping issue is only slightly a thing I care about. The priority for me is easy access and availability of vaping products. Besides, I don't want vaping to become something that someone does next to me while I'm trying to enjoy some delicious garlic prawns in a nice restauarant. And anyway, whenever some state decides to force vapers to hang out with the smokers, I simply think it's not all bad, as the more that smokers are exposed to the sight of vaping products, the greater the chance they'll want to try it.

    Personally, I think both sides of the debate are too extreme. Anti-ecig people want vaping completely banned indoors, whilst pro-ecig people say we should be able to vape anywhere. The debate is rediculous. Private businesses should be able to decide for themselves, and if I owned a restaurant business or bar, I'd have vaping and non-vaping allocated areas. It's a no-brainer, and both sides need to learn to compromise.

    It's for public convenience, not public health.
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