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Thread: Vape life: welcome to the weird world of e-cig evangelists

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    Vape life: welcome to the weird world of e-cig evangelists

    interesting reads that popped in my email earlier, dont think anyone posted this yet.

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    Lol well going by this kind of thing I am supposing since so many on the forums are beyond brands like blue and other cigalike companies and are often prefering the handmade made or other better quality mods and tanks and RBAs out there over the cheap and nasty over priced ... It would make forum readers the Vaporistas of the vaping world me thinks .. discerning shoppers who know the lingo and thier products want the best bang for thier buck
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    That was indeed an interesting article. It's not often we have articles concentrating more on the cultural side of things - and even rarer still are any that paint us as anything other than desperate dorky looking junkies munching on cig-a-likes and shilling for the tobacco corporations.

    It's such a shame it's going to die out (or at least be seriously curtailed) come regulation time. Vaping is one of the few areas this sort of "hacker culture" (I mean that in an old school computers, playfully pushing technological limits because it's fun sense - not a cloak and dagger security movie sense) has thrived, where the buy-in is still cheap enough to be feasible for most people, the learning curve doesn't need several years of study to get the basics of, and there's room enough for both the technically inclined and the artistically inclined to make awesome things happen.

    And damnit, yeah, our devices look damn cool. That's why the ANTZ hate us so much .
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    These things.

    I have some things.
    I vape them.



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