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    Rebuilding your Atty in Europe to be banned

    Redheadfullofsteam exposes some of the finer details of the European TPD in this latest post: redheadfullofsteam | coming down upon the opponents of vaping with great vengeance and furious anger

    Any and every atomizer will have to be:

    Leak proof in operation
    Designed with a leak proof filling mechanism
    Child resistant

    Take a very good look at everything you possess and objectively attempt to determine whether it meets those four requirements. In fact let me save you the effort. Nothing, but nothing, being made currently can satisfy all four criteria.

    Drippers and RBAs are, by their very nature, emphatically not tamper proof. They are DESIGNED to be tampered with. That’s the whole idea of them.
    Rebuilding one's atty is at the core of the vaping community. They have essentially outlawed modding.

    But wait, it gets worse,
    Article 20 refers to anything that CAN be used to vaporize nicotine. Think about that very carefully. It’s not simply a case of slapping a sticker on an Ithaka that says “Warning: not to be used for vaporization of nicotine containing fluid. Doing so may result in personal injury and will invalidate the warranty”. That just won’t work. It’s not a case of intended use; it’s a case of possibility of use. So yes, they can touch it even if it doesn’t contain nicotine.
    I hope the National Courts eat Article 20 of the EU TPD, and bescumber it all over Linda McAvan and Carl Schlyter's face.

    Note: article 18 (e-cigarettes) was renamed to article 20 if people weren't aware.
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