Gilbert Ross tells it like it is ...

These days, when one reads about “regulating” e-cigs, the real goal is usually to regulate them right off the market. Responsible scientists and the outnumbered members of “the tobacco-control movement” who espouse reasonable regulation also want this groundbreaking technology regulated: Age limits for sales and marketing; good manufacturing practices, as with any consumer product; accurate ingredient labeling; childproof packaging — these should all be mandatory. More stringent regulation is neither necessary nor desirable.

The unanswered question is this: Why do all these “public health” groups and agencies abdicate their responsibilities in favor of deceiving smokers about the facts regarding e-cigarettes? Can the leaders of these health bodies be so ignorant? Or are there darker forces at work: Are the CDC and the FDA, perhaps, concerned more with abetting the collection of cigarette taxes than with saving smokers? Does the impressively generous funding support from Big Pharma to the nonprofit “health” groups generate influence, either overtly or more subtly? I cannot say. A particularly galling irony is that almost all the pompous hype calling for ever-tighter restrictions and even outright bans emanates from the “liberal” Democratic camp, which has over the years been sympathetic to other forms of harm reduction, such as condoms for HIV positives and clean needles for addicts. But it’s “nicotine abstinence only” for smokers: Quit or die, they say.
The Anti-E-Cigarette Conspiracy | National Review Online