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Thread: Ireland should lead the e-cigarette way

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    Ireland should lead the e-cigarette way

    Very interesting position. Just 'click' "I'm a health professional" to read

    Ireland should lead the e-cigarette way
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    Some doctors are very pragmatic aren't they. We need more like this
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    A great read from my type of doctor.A pity Australias so called health professionals are not like this guy.
    A quote from this artice.

    As doctors, I contend we have a moral, ethical and professional duty to face this reality.

    E-cigarettes may not be a panacea, they may not be 100 per cent safe and, yes, they may have effects that we have not yet considered.

    But of one thing we can be certain. They will kill far, far fewer people than traditional cigarettes.
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    This is where we, (as customers), can teach the medical profession about vaping. I gave my doctor a whole lot of stuff to read, when I made the switch to vaping, he fully supports this switch, and has seen first hand the difference vaping can make.

    Because doctors deal with ordinary people, (unlike the self appointed high priests of public health, such as Chapman and his ANTZ buddies), and most GP's work in the front line of health care, like the doctor in the article, they genuinely want to help people, rather than simply control them, or condemn them. They know the reality, rather than cling to the ideology of the ANTZ.

    I think that we should encourage our GP's, nurses, surgeons, and other health care professionals to understand vaping, and encourage smokers to make the switch, as was suggested by the doc in the article, this is something we can do as vapers. I would like to see a revolution take place where public health officials come under increased pressure from front line professionals, to base policy on evidence, and realistic goals (harm reduction), than on an unrealistic, outdated, religious ideology of "quit or die".
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